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Finale (Ouji ka Prince Ch.23)

Good day, everyone. Today, on the day of Chinese New Year, the beginning of Rooster year, we present you- the last, but not least, chapter of Ouji ka Prince by Toumori Miyoshi; Ouji ka Prince Ch. 23 Read (tumblr) This series ended here, although there’s a special chapter after Ch.23, but since I have not … Continue reading


Happy Holiday! (JKJK Ch. 14)

Happy Holiday, everyone! Wow!!! Yes!!! It’s us!!! We’re back!!!! surprise!!! First of all, we’d like to apologize for the long update… If I were you, I’d have thought this scanlation group was dead because hellooooo 3 months yo. But if you happen to be someone who frequently check our tumblr, then you must have known … Continue reading


Another Sweet Chapter (JKJK Ch13)

Our third release within such a short time! Now we have JKJk Ch. 13!!! We believe this is the most popular series that we have so… dear readers, a new chapter dedicated for you all, here you go! JKJK Ch. 13 Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs, we can’t thank you enough! <3), Jay (translation, OUR … Continue reading