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Either a Workaholic or an Alcoholic (JKJK Ch.22)

Greetings, Folks! So who’s surprised to see another JKJK release in the same month-? I SURELY AM! I decided to handle the typesetting part of this chapter (on my whim, idk why) but can’t believe I could finish it within a day???? This is probably the fastest typesetting+QCing work I’ve ever done in months… HP … Continue reading

Need More Papa Yeon-Ho Scene!!! Need More!!! (JKJK Ch.21)

Hello, everyone! Another JKJK chapter is released this month!!! YEAY- THAT MAKES IT THE THIRD RELEASE OF JKJK IN THE SAME MONTH!!! That is honestly kinda unfair to the other ongoing projects………. Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (Translation), Snowy368 (Proofreading), Aini (Cleaning), and AkaiKiseki (Typesetting)!!! Thanks for your hard work, everyone! JKJK Ch.21 Read … Continue reading

Him and Daddy

I wonder who’s this ‘him’ I’m talking about *wink* *wink* (hint: it. Welp-! I don’t wanna spoil the fun so just read this chapter guys!!!!!!!! This one turns out to be one of my fav chapters??? That’s why I QC-ed it fast, haha (was planning to release this chapter next week tbh). JKJK Ch.20 Read … Continue reading