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Not Fair! (Oupuri Ch19)

Hello, readers! Today, we have Ouji ka Prince Ch. 19 for you! …I’m starting to get dizzy after staring at computer screen too long. o-o But everyone’s working hard here, so ou ou! Shall we bring more releases to you soon! Ouji ka Prince Ch. 19 Big thanks to Junna (RAWs), Jay (Translator), ForEternity (Proofreader), … Continue reading


In Between (JKJK Ch9)

We’re back with JKJK Ch9! For those who’s eager to know what exactly happens next to Yeon-Ho, here’s a clue: IT’S SO DARK SEND HELP I REPEAT SEND!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!! Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs!), Jay (Translation!!), ackermanx (Proofreading!!!), Aini (Cleaning!!!!), and vermillionskies (Typesetting!!!!!) Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans, ackermanx and vermillionskies!!!!!!!!! Whoooohoooooo o(〃^▽^〃)o We’re so … Continue reading



We didn’t make it on 4/4 and it’s not cool. Hello, everyone! Let’s have a little bit of math: 23-18 = 9-4 = Five chapters left till the finale!!!! Thank you so much for Junna (RAWs), Jay (Translator), ForEternity (Proofreader, I’m sorry to make you finish the PR in a hurry > <), and Smileyfacedtree … Continue reading


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