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Sorry for What (JKJK Ch.38)

Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (translation), Taz (proofreading), and Yuu (cleaning)!!! JKJK Ch.38 Feel free to join our discord server, guys! Surprisingly (or not) many JKJK readers are there! You can discuss about HP Scans’ projects or basically anything there! But no, we still won’t share you our RAWs haha. MIYURIN YOU WERE RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTT … Continue reading

Two Special Chapters (YMY)

What?! Two?! Yes. YMY readers deserve this after all. Big thanks to Scarletton (translation) and Snowy368 (proofreading)!!! Our Feelings A Challenge From Y.H. OUR FEELINGS CHAPTER IS SUCH A CUTE CHAPTER ASDFGHJL HAVE I TOLD YOU I’M ON NATSUME’S SIDE. WELL ISNT THIS A TRIANGLE LOVE STORY?!?!!??!??!?! A Challenge chapter is such a joke. *cries*

The Culprit (YMY Ch.10)

The last chapter of Vol.2!!! Main chapter, I mean. We have two special chapters coming up soon~ YMY Ch.10 Big thanks to Scarletton (translation), Snowy368 (proofreading), and everyone who has donated us!!! Thank you so much! We’re so happy to see that some of our readers kindly give us their share of hard work… Thank … Continue reading