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No Phone? Worst Nightmare

Ittttt’s fiiiiinallllyyyy ADHADK ttttiiiiimeeee Good day, everyone! Today we’re bringing you ADHADK Chapter 2! Yeaaay! Finally it’s finished! <3 Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work! Juuuuuune for her translation, Love-Manhwa for the RAWs and a special thanks for Maria, our new Typesetter! Really, thank you so much! Though, I’m sorry… this time we are not able … Continue reading


Natsu no Kakera [Bonus Chapter!]

Hello, everyone! After missing for several weeks, we’re back again with Natsu no Kakera! This time, we’re bringing you the very last chapter of the series! I can’t believe that almost all of the characters are actually attending a same school! So now, enjoy the 8 pages of NnK Extra! Natsu no Kakera Bonus Chapter … Continue reading


Hades-san, to the Rescue!

Greeeeeeetiiiiiiings, Readerrrrs! We’re back with Kamigami no Asobi Ch12! Yay! The current story we’re bringing to you is about Hades! Now, yes– the myth God of Underworld! Is there a fan of Hades here? Or maybe the Hades from Percy Jackson? No? Probably Daisuke Ono…? Then here you go! Kamigami no Asobi Ch12 We’re back … Continue reading


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