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11/11 + 8 = Ouji ka Prince!

Greetings, Readers! Ouji ka Prince’s new chapter is here! Ready for some- date to the Royal Palace??? Actually it’s not like what it sounds but it’s kinda… well, true? Anyway-! I was planning to release ADHK Ch6 instead, but the typesetting isn’t done yet so… We, like, totally should release at least one chapter today, … Continue reading


Who Are You Calling Honey, Honey?! (ADHADK Ch. 5)

HIIIII GUUUUUYSS Oh my! We’re here!!! WE’RE FINALLY HERE IM SO exciTEEEDD! Anyway, as the title says- yes! It’s finally ADHADK time! Chapter 5 is here brought to you by Huffly Parfait Scans & Love-Manhwa for the RAWs! You might have (not) read our message on tumblr, but well- I’m not really sure myself whether … Continue reading


Cinderella Girl, Anubis, & Say-o-nara Apollo(n)…

Ok so guys guys like seriously c a l m dddddddown. LE ME CALM DOWN. So the thing is, this chapter is the beginning, like, really, the beginning of the ending and im just so sad and sad i’ve been with you (Kamigami no Asobi) for so long that i still remember the day i … Continue reading


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