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B- Balder-san! (⸝⸝⸝ ≧ㅿ\⸝⸝⸝)/

WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME AND EMOTICONS I’ve been using them oh-so-often. Hello, everyone! Glad to see we’re back! Kamigami no Asobi Ch13 is now available! Is there any Balder’s fan here? My favorites are still Apollo and Loki, BUT AGAIN THIS MANGA CHANGED EVERYTHING…..! cough I mean, yes- in the anime, Balder looks possessive … Continue reading


We’re, like, Back!!!

Hello, everyone! WHEW FINALLY I’M HERE AGAIN! We’re so sorry for… being MIA for awhile…! A month ago was the start of our official hiatus (but we didn’t even announce that did we?) Okay now, we just want to tell you that- our next release will be coming soon and that’s gonna be Kamigami no … Continue reading


Misunderstanding… (ADHADK Ch3!)

Great day, everyone! IT’S ADHADK TIMEEEEE! Finally, we’re finished with Ch3! This chapter shows a little progress between Yeong-un and Yeon-ho, but- WORRY NOT! You will not regret reading this chapter! As you’ll see a bit of Yeon-ho’s past- surely, you’ll find it heartbreakingwarming. Also, if you’re a fan of Yeon-ho’s father likeme, go go go read chapter … Continue reading


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