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When the Ship Is Sailing but It’s Not Your Ship…

Great day, everyone! Whooop! We’re back! Holiday is still going (well that’s me), how about you? Today, we’re bringing you a NEW PROJECT (OH YEEEESSSS), and of course- we couldn’t have done it without our (new) staffs! Thank you so much for Ryan for the translation (THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK! Ryan worked so … Continue reading


We’re Really Sorry!!!

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH We put a wrong name in the credit page of Kamigami no Asobi Ch14! I really really really apologize for my mistake, especially to Moriido-san….! The translator of KnA Ch14 is Moriido, a freelance translator. <3 We’re going to delete the download link and our posts too. We’re really sorry for our mistake! I … Continue reading


Totsuka Brothers! +…New Family? (3rd Anniversary)

GOOOOOOOOOOD DAAAAAY, EVERYONE! IT’S HUFFLY PARFAIT SCANS’ THIRD ANNIVERSARY YEAAAAAAAAY! We took hiatus just so much, I honestly feel guilty about that ahahaha– anyway! We… don’t have many things to share, but it’s not about quantity isn’t it?! Today we’re bringing you Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 14! Totsuka Tsukito’s Chapter! I just have so many … Continue reading


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