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One More… (Oupuri Ch22)

Greetings! Don’t be surprised, I just happened to be free today so two releases within 6 hours is possible.🙂 Without further ado, we present you Ouji ka Prince Ch. 22!!!!!!! The next chapter is gonna be the the last one! …or maybe not. Can’t wait to see the ending of this series…! </3 Big thanks … Continue reading


“Eh?” (YMY Ch. 4)

Once you read this chapter you’ll know why this post is titled like that. Hello! Today, we have Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch. 4! It’s been so looooong since we debuted this series…! This chapter is actually my fav bECAUSE KOSHIBA KIRI (from Beauty Pop, made by the same mangaka) SHOWS UP ON THIS CHAPTER SDBSAFNEWCNEI … Continue reading


20-8 = JKJK Ch. 12!

The usual pun, the date matches with the chapter so…… Hello, everyone! Good to see you again! We promised you that we’d be able to be more active starting in August but… bUT-! The condition has gotten worse, in fact. Totally hope everything is gonna be alright but worry not- we’ve finished Ch. 12 and Ch. 13!!!❤ … Continue reading