Huffly Parfait is Back! [RE:OPEN]

Grreaatiiings, everyone!

It’s been awhile! I hope we’re not yet forgotten by the readers. ^^; Almost half a year has it been since our official hiatus-! But yet after thinking over and over again, I’ve decided to reopen Huffly Parfait Scans, and probably start this scanlation from zero.

I’m not sure whether we’ll do well or not this time. But hopefully, we’ll do better than before and even prove our words that fast + more releases are what we’re really aiming for from this team.

By the way, be sure to check our new forum!

More or less, I’m pretty sure we’ll be quiet and unseen for a moment, but keep in mind that– We’re open to those who would like to join our Parfait Team! Check out our Recruitment page and see what position suits you the most!

Also… the idea of wanting to reopen HP Scans was all thanks to people who had supported me months ago, and even a week ago. I really wish this scanlation can bring you guys what you really want.

Thank you and have a very wonderful day! May we be blessed with lots of loveee!<3

– Huffle

5 Responses to “Huffly Parfait is Back! [RE:OPEN]”
  1. Chihiro92 says:

    Ohh! You’re back!!!

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