Kamigami no Asobi Ch 2!

Hello, readers!

We’re back with Kamigami no Asobi manga ch2! Sorry for the long wait ~ Starting this chapter, we’ve decided to make our Greek-God-of-Sun character, to be named as Apollo. Indeed, the original japanese raws (even in the anime), Apollo is called as Apollon, アポロン. But thenm when we made a research– in Japan, they actually call the Greek’s God of Sun as Apollon, not Apollo! (Wikipedia reference)

So yeah, in conclusion– We’re going to call him as Apollo, since that is the name that most of the worldwide know as. Anyway! In this chapter, BEHOLD THE APPEARANCE OF BALDER AND TSUKITO! ❤ Again, thank you for the excellent work of Schombert-san, and for the scans of Nobuta_P-san and Redfaces scans (which several pages we took the scans from ><). Thank you very much!

 We’re in dire of Proodreader, Jp/Ch Translators, Cleaner, and Typesetter! Join us now, guys!


Enjoy reading ~

Starting from chapter 2, we put a password in our .RAR file. You can find the password by achieving the “Fellow Reader” title on our forum! Start making many posts, guys!

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