Huffly Parfait x Manga Forums Collaboration!

Greetings, everyone!

How do you do? Huffly Parfait Scans is back with a new great news! ^^ Manga Forums, a manga-reader site is now having collaboration with Huffly Parfait Scans! Whoooohooo, what a surprise I say! Since HPScans doesn’t have our own reader, Manga Forums will now host our releases as soon as we release a/ny chapter! Yep, indeed we also provide the .RAR version, but just in case you’re not the type of person who downloads manga chapter, Manga Forum will be your fastest and easiest way to read our releases! πŸ˜€

This is such a honor to us for having a collaboration with Manga Forums, not to mention that it’s all thanks to Crimson-san and Kourin-chan (also known as WildEagle) for making it possible for us to be friends with Manga Forums. Anyway, I hope you all will be checking our new friend!


Manga Forums


– Huffle

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