New Project! Shiny Doll by Ichinose Ruka!

Hello, everyone!

We’re here to announce the release of our new project, Shiny Doll! We’ll be starting this project from chapter 2 onwards (hopefully, we hope more people will give us hands to keep this project going!). I say this manga is really great and ever since I started to work on the chapter, the humors really got me and– gosh! I totally hope that we can release this wonderful series smoothly… ; w ;

Anyway, we couldn’t have been able to release Shiny Doll’s chapter 2 without our new translator, Vanessa! Thank you so much, Vanessa-san! We hope you’ll be happily to translate Shiny Doll until the end! ^^)/ We’re really grateful for people who have shared the raws too! Thanks to that we’re able to proceed this chapter!

We hope readers will enjoy our release, thank you so much!

Shiny Doll Ch. 2

8 Responses to “New Project! Shiny Doll by Ichinose Ruka!”
  1. onewchan says:

    Yay!! thank you so much guys for picking up Shiny Doll ❤ it's really great to see this series updated again *o* keep up the awesome work, Team HPS!

  2. sunday1s says:

    Hello, I can’t open ch2, it has a password……

  3. sunday1s says:

    and thank you very much!

  4. xmihara says:

    tysm for translating this manga! i’ve been waiting forever:) the problem is, i can’t open the file, i tried using unrarx but it won’t work. that’s a bummer bc i rly wanna read this. so i’m wondering if you’ll be uploading it in online manga websites?

    • HuffleP says:

      Hello, you’re welcome! We hope you can enjoy our release, for sure. ^^ You need a password in order to open the RAR (which will be found on our forum by making 10 posts and be a Fellow Reader).

      But of course we do upload it on manga-reader, just not as fast as the downloadable-link release, if I must say. 🙂

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