Shiny Doll Ch3 and New Members!

I really should make a Kanda appreciation post.


Here we go again with a new release! Shiny Doll chapter 3 is up to be read ~ ❤ Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work! That is Byunjing (our beloved Translator), Karashoney (our new Proofreader), RiverBlossom (our new Graphic Editor), and for people who kindly have shared the raws! We couldn’t have done this without everyone’s help! ; u ;

Now that we finally got some people to keep this project alive, I wish we’ll be doing smoothly and keep up to date! Dx YEAAH LET’S WORK HARD EVERYONE!

Also, with this post we would like to announce our new moderator, behold the appearance of—- Dangochandesu!!!!!! …. Such a cute name omg. She’ll be with us mostly on the forum, so be sure to visit our forum too ❤

See you guys!



2 Responses to “Shiny Doll Ch3 and New Members!”
  1. onewchan says:

    Thank you so much for releasing ch3 of shiny doll guys, much love for you all ❤

  2. who4r3you says:

    Oh my god I love this manga so much!
    This chapter was awesome 😀
    Thank you for translating,proofreading and editing for us!

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