Those Eyes of Yui… (laugh) KnA Chapter 7!


Today marks the 20th day of December! Eleven days to go before the beginning of new year, yes?

After being away for a long time, now we’re bringing you a new chapter of Kamigami no Asobi, chapter 7 is up! A big thank you for NobutaP-san (RAW provider ❤ thank you!), Schombert-san (the fastest and the coolest translator I’ve ever met!), Piko-chan (our kind and diligent cleaner…! Well she sure is <3), and Dangochandesu (our adorable proofreader), maybe you’ve heard this countless times already– but, without you all, we’d never be able to release this chapter. So, thank you!

I kinda want to release the following 5 chapters within the following 5 days, but I’m not entirely sure whether I’ll have an internet connection or not… since I’ll be away from home within those 5 days too. … … .. Oh, and I haven’t finished with the editing yet, so… COUGH COUGH enough with the chitchat! Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the chapter! Those guys… or shall we call them as– boys– are surely so cute here!

Cheers ~

Oh, great. I almost forgot!

This chapter contains no password, feel free to enjoy it without thinking very much about that! … Ahaha, now I’m wondering why did I ever put passwords in HP’s releases. … Just why? Why exactly did I try to accomplish?! WHY.

Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 7

We’re recruiting for Japanese Translator and Cleaner for Kamigami project! The manga has ended for some time now, and we hope someone will help us in doing the translation and cleaning! ❤ Thank you ~

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