We’re So Sorry! [Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 9!]

Good day!

We’re beck with the next release! Kamigami no Asobi chapter 9 is up! SO SORRY FOR THE LATE RELEASEEEEEE Ispentmydayleavingmylaptopaloneandnotworkingblameittomeeee. 😦 As I’m writing this post, Box says that the uploading progress is still at 26%, so… let’s just set up the featured-image for now, yes?

… Oh, it’s already 96%. As usual, thank you for NobutaP-san for the raws! ❤ Schombert-san too for the translation, and Piko-chan for her cleaning! ^^ Thank you very much! We’re sorry if there are any mistakes we made, or maybe the incorrect/awkward translations! While I was working on this chapter, I realized there were indeed quite a few Japanese texts that were hard to compress into English…

… Okay now the upload’s done.

Enjoy chapter 9! This is the beginning of Yui’s strategy! Go go go, help the hotties  Gods to graduate from the lyceum, Yui!

Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 9

Looking forward for the next chapter, Loki’s timeeeee! (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya HASAJHFDFSANCKWEUGFWEN)

2 Responses to “We’re So Sorry! [Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 9!]”
  1. domi says:

    thank you very much:) and wish you merry xmas:)

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