What a Lovely View! (Kamigami no Asobi 10!)

Good day, good day, good day, everyone!!!

Today we’re bringing you KnA Chapter 10! Yeaaay ~ Such a long awaited chapter this is (well, for me?), not only that this chapter focuses on one of my favorite character, but the process while working on this chapter is one of my precious moment after having a come back in HP.

Okay, so–! Meet the staffs who worked on this chapter, guys! 

  • MadHatter! I really like her translation (not like I ever dislike any translation, really!), I owe her a lot, thanks to her– KnA is still going and we’re still continuing the translations now. I hope we’ll be able to finish it up until chapter 17! Thank you, MadHatter!
  • Smileyfacedtree! I think people call her Smiley, I call her that, though… xD Aaaand— WELCOME TO THE TEAM, SMILEY!!! She helped us in doing the cleaning part of chapter 10, and you’re going to see her name again on the next chapter’s credit page, haha! So… yea– she helped me so much! It’s like– she did a neat cleaning and— more importantly… she’s quite active in the forum, tee-hee (along with Piko-chan, a fellow cleaner <3~). Thank you, Smiley!
  • And lastly, surely not the least– DANGOCHANDESU! She’s appeared in several chapters before this one, but here– I just want to say– THANK YOU SO MUCH, DANGO-CHAN! Without you, I wouldn’t meet MadHatter and Smiley, you introduced me to them– and your help really meant a lot to me, thanks to you– thanks to your friends’ help– thanks to MadHatter, Smiley, and you– we can still release Kamigami. So really, thank you!

I thiiiink— this is quite extravagant of me, sorry about that… And most of all, I couldn’t thank Schombert-san enough for his translations, despite I lost contact with him in the end– he’s still the one who made me brave enough to release Kamigami, I really hope he had fun while doing the translations!

As usual, thank you so much for the RAW provider of KnA, NobutaP-san! ❤

Sooo… I’m glad that we have new members (triooooo!). I hope you guys will stay with us! ❤ … Now here goes the download-link of chapter 10!

Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 10


I know this is not entirely important but—


MERRY ALMOST-CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY ALMOST-NEW YEAR! May the “Devil Biscuits” be with you and your happiness!

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  1. domi says:

    thank you for the great work! is it possible to fix the link as it is not working?

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