Dad… (New Series! Natsu no Kakera Ch4!)

Good day, everyone!

Happy (belated) New Year!!! New year means something new should happen! So here we goo—- we decided to take a new series (or preferably– “a new chapter”?) that is– Natsu no Kakera by Amano Shinobu! *cheers*

So I think it’s all thanks to our new Korean Translator that we managed to take a new project, not to mention that the chapter we worked on this time is about a… what— I just. I can’t. It’s pretty sad. About a family. A dad and his daughter. Complex feelings. Sulking. Now I miss my dad.

That is why– I would like to thank Juuuuuune for her hard work, and also Han-file for the RAWs provider–! Thank you!

Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans, Juuuuuune!!!

She’s really fun to talk with! I’m totally happy to have her in our team. ^^ Thank you for your hard work, Juuuuuune! You really worked so fast, I’ll be counting on you again! ❤ There’s also a special chapter of Natsu no Kakera, stay tune of our releases to read the next Special chapter!


Natsu no Kakera Ch4

2 Responses to “Dad… (New Series! Natsu no Kakera Ch4!)”
  1. domi says:

    thank you thank you:)

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