Hades-san, to the Rescue!

Greeeeeeetiiiiiiings, Readerrrrs! We’re back with Kamigami no Asobi Ch12! Yay! The current story we’re bringing to you is about Hades! Now, yes– the myth God of Underworld! Is there a fan of Hades here? Or maybe the Hades from Percy Jackson? No? Probably Daisuke Ono…? Then here you go!

Kamigami no Asobi Ch12

We’re back to Mediafire it seems… Well yes… no, I mean. Not really. Let’s just say that I was hungry at that time and ended up going to Mediafire to upload the file rather than using Box, yes…? LINK UPDATED! (2/10/2015)

COUGH anyways–!

As usual, we couldn’t be more thankful to NobutaP-san, MadHatter-san, Smileyfacedtree-san, and last but not least is– Mochii!!!!! Mochii, yess–! Mochii! Mochii she is!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans, Mochii!!!

A typesetter she is, a freelance-proofreader she is. Mochii has come to the rescue! Thank you so much for her appearance that now we’re able to get a new help for Kamigami no Asobi! ❤ She’s a really fun person to talk to, not to mention that I find quite a few similarity with her…? Iwishit’snotaninsulttoherthoughasdfghjkl

Thank you very much for your help, everyone! Without you all, Huffly Parfait wouldn’t ever make it to the twelfth chapter! Thank you! ;;;;

We really hope you enjoy our release! Cheers ~

2 Responses to “Hades-san, to the Rescue!”
  1. domi says:

    wonderful! thank you so much:)

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