Natsu no Kakera [Bonus Chapter!]

Hello, everyone!

After missing for several weeks, we’re back again with Natsu no Kakera! This time, we’re bringing you the very last chapter of the series! I can’t believe that almost all of the characters are actually attending a same school! So now, enjoy the 8 pages of NnK Extra!

Natsu no Kakera Bonus Chapter

Also, big thanks to Han-file for the RAWs, Juuuuuune for her fast and excellent translation, Snowy368 for her neat proofreading and Smileyfacedtree for her fast and neat cleaning! Thank you very much for your help!!! *bows* We hope you enjoy the chapter!

Have a good day!

4 Responses to “Natsu no Kakera [Bonus Chapter!]”
  1. yo says:

    Thanks for finishing this off! Especially in face of those exams…. For great justice, right?!?!

    Amano Shinobu is so good~~

    • HuffleP says:

      Aww, you’re welcome! ^ ^ Haha, yea- I’m a fan of Amano Shinobu! Her drawing is so cute and she always makes interesting stories, really. ❤

      Hope you enjoyed the chapter!

  2. Helen says:

    Just wondering but who is the girl that blushes while looking at the sunflowers? It seemed as if she might be the ‘secret lover’ Okada is joking about but I ship Okada with the librarian T.T Is that from one of the past stories?

    Anyways, thanks so much for scanlating this and best of luck in your exams!!!

    • HuffleP says:

      That’s what I wanted to know too! At first I thought she was a character from the previous chapter, but as I read the series again- I couldn’t find her anywhere!

      Haha, yeah! Okada and the librarian (Kikuchi) seems pretty good together. If only they were officially paired, Kikuchi didn’t have to suffer by liking Touno who already likes Konno… Uh, um. I mumbled too much ///

      Thank you so much, Helen! We hope you enjoyed the chapter!

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