No Phone? Worst Nightmare

Ittttt’s fiiiiinallllyyyy ADHADK ttttiiiiimeeee

Good day, everyone!

Today we’re bringing you ADHADK Chapter 2! Yeaaay! Finally it’s finished! ❤ Thank you so much for everyone’s hard work! Juuuuuune for her translation, Love-Manhwa for the RAWs and a special thanks for Maria, our new Typesetter! Really, thank you so much! Though, I’m sorry… this time we are not able to publish Maria’s work yet… ; n ;

Um, well-!

I realize many readers aren’t that comfortable with the title, yes? Should we change it or…? Or we should probably stick with the Korean name. Well yes. That’s probably it. No?

This chapter doesn’t show much romance, but we have several new characters! So why not? I like the doc and nurse there.

Without further ado, here goes ADHADK Ch2!

Awfully Damn Hug, Awfully Damn Kiss Chapter 2

2 Responses to “No Phone? Worst Nightmare”
  1. mugen says:

    Thank you very much for the release!

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