Misunderstanding… (ADHADK Ch3!)

Great day, everyone!

IT’S ADHADK TIMEEEEE! Finally, we’re finished with Ch3! This chapter shows a little progress between Yeong-un and Yeon-ho, but- WORRY NOT! You will not regret reading this chapter! As you’ll see a bit of Yeon-ho’s past- surely, you’ll find it heartbreakingwarming. Also, if you’re a fan of Yeon-ho’s father likeme, go go go read chapter 3! His young version is asdfgjhkl so sweet I can’t even. Why. I THINK WE NEED HIS LIFE STORY TO BE MADE INTO A MANHWA.

Thank you so much for Love-Manhwa, Juuuuuune, and finally- our new comrade– pacalabu for their hard work! THANK YOU SO MUCH! We couldn’t have finished this chapter without you all! ❤ As for Ch4, I think I can’t promise you to release it soon… I’m sorry, real life problem as ever cry. Though Juuuuuune and Snowy did finish their part, but… well yeah. ; __ ; New characters are coming! “Are”? Well, yes! This manhwa has a lot of handsome and pretty characters for sure!

That’s all for us! We wish you enjoy the chapter ~

Awfully Damn Hug, Awfully Damn Kiss Chapter 3

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