New Chapter! More Jokes, More Story <3

Good day, everyoneeee!

We…. Could…. Finally… MAKE IT YEAAHH! I’m actually kind of nervous whether I could release Ch4 this week or not… But then I accidently(?) promised you guys to release this chapter today. Believe it not, when I said that- I only just finished the cleaning part. *facepalm*

Okay so! I forgot just how this manhwa could be so funny! PLEASE DONT TELL ME YOU DIDNT LAUGH WHEN YOU READ THIS CHAPTER PLEASE SUPPORT MY OPINION ALRIGHT. /cough/ Ah! But before that, you surely need a download link, right! Then here we go!


Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Juuuuuune (Translator), and Snowy368 (Proofreader)!!! BIG YAY FOR YOU AAAALLL! If you can translate Korean > English, JOIN OUR PARFAIT TEAM! We really would love you to join us!

Now then, see you next time! ❤

2 Responses to “New Chapter! More Jokes, More Story <3”
  1. yaoidaisuki says:

    What manga is this one? 🙂

    • HuffleP says:

      It’s a manhwa. 🙂 Mostly known as Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago, or can also be called as Awfully Damn Hug Awfully Damn Kiss.

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