Totsuka Brothers! +…New Family? (3rd Anniversary)







We took hiatus just so much, I honestly feel guilty about that ahahaha– anyway! We… don’t have many things to share, but it’s not about quantity isn’t it?! Today we’re bringing you Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 14!

Totsuka Tsukito’s Chapter!

I just have so many things to talk about, alright! Tsukito is… my third fav character, he seems innocent, serious, diligent, adorable, and all. I favor Takeru’s attachment to his brother too, those two are so different but if it’s love (family context in their case)- then it’s not impossible to unite each others, right! Ahh- family! What a great thing!

Also, there’s a new character in this chapter (only appears in a few panels SOBS). The new character looks so… beautiful, elegant, and- a god of sun? I mean-

what is Apollo again…?

MM… Well then- Yui being a mama here also gives a warm-aw feeling, Apollo still with his repeatedly-way of talking, a—–nd Anubis finally chooses to join the force. WHOOPS. Spoiler?! I hope it’s not! I mean- WELL ANUBIS WHY YOU NO APPEAR MUCH IN THE ANIME.

Did I talk too much….? Oh well-! This is such a good day, we’re reaching our 3rd year is also good!

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much to NobutaP-san for the RAWs, Moriido-san for the translation, Smileyfacedtree for the cleaning work, JupiterPower142 (WELCOME TO HUFFLY PARFAIT SCANS!) for the proofreading, and lastly but not the least- Grimms (WELCOME TOO!!!) for the QC!

A special thanks for Moriido-san, a freelance translator, who has given us a permission to use their translation. We’re really grateful for that! THANK YOU SO MUCH, WHAAAAAHH!!!!! You can visit Moriido-san here! Yeaaaaayy ❤


I, Huffle, am sorry if I couldn’t bring much until this day, I’m not a great chief, I know. But still-! I wish we could spend more time together as friends and co-workers maybe? Also, a special thanks to Snowy368 who has stayed with me from the beginning (you’re my first scanlation-partner!) and until this second.

I’ll always cherish the goods and the bads that I experience in this group. I wish Huffly Parfait Scans can also help to bring more happiness to… everyone who knows our existance?

…Hmm… the above paragraph sounds so off but oh well.

Now now, have a great day everyone! Thank you so much for staying with us! We really hope we can be at your service next year too. ❤

Kamigami no Asobi Ch14

– Huffle

(Now off to play Tou-! …Wait nooooooo, we still have more chapters to release…! /goes back to editing/)

2 Responses to “Totsuka Brothers! +…New Family? (3rd Anniversary)”
  1. yaoidaisuki says:

    Tsukitoooooooooooooo *0* finally!! My darling Tsukito ❤
    Thank you so much!!
    Happy Anniversary 😀

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