New Project! A Comedy/Romance/School Life Shoujo Manga~! <3

Great day, everyone!

Huffly Parfait is here again with a new project!!! Want to guess what series it is? Or maybe… by just looking at the featured-image, you could already point out the title? Weeeeeell—– a clumsy protagonist she is, we’ll have Yomogi as the main female character of Yomogi Mochi Yaketa? !!!

This manga is presented by Kiyoko Arai (Beauty Pop’s fans might be familiar with her). Personally, I really enjoyed Beauty Pop. It was around… six years ago that I read the manga, and I thought- “Aww, it would be great if I could be Kiri.” Like, an emotionless character but also has a gentle side. Ahh………

BUT WAIT WAIT WAIT- we’re talking about YMY here! So yeash, Yomogi, on the other hand- is quite a… an expressive female lead. She gets flustered, angry, happy, cheerful pretty easily. With two childhood friends beside her, I bet her school life is so much interesting. Ahahaha, well now now.

As for our recruitment page this time… (those who follow our releases might notice that we have a different recruitment page for every series) I honestly don’t know what i’ve done eep foRGIVE MEEEE. Big thanks to Han-file for the RAWs (thank you sooo muuuuch!), and Scarletton for the translation (WELCOME TO HUFFLY PARFAIT SCANS <3<3<3), Snowy368 & ForEternity for their proofreading, and Grimms for the QC!!!

Thank you so much for your hard work, everyone!!!

Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch 3.5

2 Responses to “New Project! A Comedy/Romance/School Life Shoujo Manga~! <3”
  1. Hailey says:

    I’m so excited to see YMY get picked up. I loved Beauty Pop and have been wanting to read YMY for a long time. Good luck and thanks!

    • HuffleP says:

      Aww, we’re happy about this too. ^^ Personally, I’ve been wanting to scanlate YMY for so long, and thank goodness- we’ve finally got the people who are able to work on this series!

      We hope to release more YMY chapter!

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