Cinderella Girl, Anubis, & Say-o-nara Apollo(n)…

Ok so guys guys like seriously





dddddddown. LE ME CALM DOWN.

So the thing is, this chapter is the beginning, like, really, the beginning of the ending and im just so sad and sad i’ve been with you (Kamigami no Asobi) for so long that i still remember the day i made the decision to start working on this project and… sigh.

Looking at those time, I’m reminded of how grateful i am toward Schombert, Piko-chan, MadHatter, Dangochan, Smiley, Snowy, and the others of course- MUCH LOVE FOR YOU GUUUYSSS. :(( Okay so, a little bit about this chapter…

The 15th chapter of Kamigami no Asobi manga resolves around Anubis’ appearance into the classroom AND another important thing is about Apollo who actually can’t yet graduate from the school, what makes it scary is that he’s the only one who has not yet succeeded in understanding human & love! Okay okay not only that but we GET TO SEE THE CINDERELLA SCENE! YES! My favorite part of KnA! But why, of course- things aren’t just that smooth for our lovely main characters, this is only the beginning for Apollo, indeed.

By the way, have i told you that i like something… dark? Not dark like ohmygosh the lamps arent on but- THIS IS SO SAD TRAGIC POOR YOU OUR CINNAMON ROLL ROLLING IN THE GRASS. imsoandsuchafailure

Thank you so much for NobutaP-san, MadHatter, Piko-chan, and Tiff (can i call you that or should i just stay with your credit name tiff? ahaha), thank youuu! A short message for Piko-chan if I may, I really hope you’re going to read this chapter because ANUBIS AND APOLLO GOSH we better have a small chat about them yes?!?!?!

 Enjoy the newest chapter, everyone! Cheers ~

Kamigami no Asobi Chapter 15

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