Who Are You Calling Honey, Honey?! (ADHADK Ch. 5)


Oh my! We’re here!!! WE’RE FINALLY HERE IM SO exciTEEEDD! Anyway, as the title says- yes! It’s finally ADHADK time! Chapter 5 is here brought to you by Huffly Parfait Scans & Love-Manhwa for the RAWs! You might have (not) read our message on tumblr, but well- I’m not really sure myself whether I and the others in team will be busy or not but at least– my (November) calendar is already marked with many deadlines! THEY’RE FULL OF DEADLINES IM SO HAPPY not assignments you see so


So yeah deadline for the releases and stuffs so happy.

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa for the RAWs, Juuuuuune for her translation (we miss you Juuuuuune 😦 hoping to see you again), and Snowy368 for the proofreading! (I MISS YOU TOO SNOWY)

What should I write again… want to know what’s up with me lately? The thing is im really into a certain series right now im not sure if ive told you guys about this before but hey what on earth is wrong with the apocalypse ew thats thats thats just so NERVE-RACKING THAT I COULD FAINT AND yeaaaah im so surprised each ep is not that good for my heart you see. WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT i’m sorry, my bad.

Besides that, Huffly Parfait has finally gained some new staffs!!!!! Whoohoooooooo IM NO LONGER TYPESETTING ALONE, YEAH! The names of our new staffs shall be revealed in the next releases! Stay tune!!! But for sure we’re still recruiting Translators, Cleaner, and Typesetter! Totally looking forward to having you in our team! ❀

As for the current ADHADK chapter… this is interesting alright. Gotta read it ASAP! (P.s the glasses guy appears again!!!!!!)

What are you waiting for again? Here goes
Awfully Damn Hug Awfully Damn Kiss Ch. 5

10 Responses to “Who Are You Calling Honey, Honey?! (ADHADK Ch. 5)”
  1. Silverstar says:

    Thanks for the hard work on the release, do I need to sign up for Box in order to download from the site? I tried different browsers and the buttons on the download doesn’t do anything. Thanks again!

    • HuffleP says:

      Wow, that’s definitely weird! It seems like you need to log in to download from box. I tried downloading the file when I wasn’t logged in, and yeah- didn’t work.

      Thanks for telling us! We’ll try to use another site instead for our future releases.

  2. Silverstar says:

    Thanks for the links, can you also re-up chapters 1-3?

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