11/11 + 8 = Ouji ka Prince!

Greetings, Readers!

Ouji ka Prince’s new chapter is here! Ready for some- date to the Royal Palace??? Actually it’s not like what it sounds but it’s kinda… well, true? Anyway-! I was planning to release ADHK Ch6 instead, but the typesetting isn’t done yet so… We, like, totally should release at least one chapter today, though? So yeah-! Ouji ka Prince Ch8! Faster than waiting ’til Saturday!

CMON NOW! It’s 11/11! Can’t get even more hype than this! Especially with the appearance of–

A NEW TYPESETTER! Welcome to our team, MarShin!

A quick learner she seems, this is her first work in Huffly Parfait! Thanks for joining us! Totally happy to have you around~<3

As always, big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Jay (THANKS SO MUCH, JAY-SAN YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!! Couldn’t possibly work on OkP without you!), ForEternity (Proofreading, hope you did great with your exams!), Piko-chan (Cleaning, our savior in the team), and of course- MarShin (Typesetting)!

Speaking of which! I couldn’t be more proud of our main protagonist, Tsunagu. Just– GOSH, look at pg. 10! (Sure, please, Udon is WOW too on that page) A little bit of spoiler here, I’m not sure why but I’m kinda happy that she knows the difference between love and adoration. Sometimes a small problem can turn out to be a big one just because you mistake/misunderstand your… feelings (especially because we’re talking about a triangle love here). I hope you get what I mean, really. So when she says that, I was like- “Oh! …So you’ve learned and understood how you really feel, that’s good.” Not knowing what you truly feel towards a certain someone is… annoying (LOL), and having a main character (in a series) who doesn’t understand what they feel (exactly) is human-ish but ANNOYING too. Indeed, sometimes you wanna say; “I feel A towards you,” but what you feel isn’t exactly A, but B! But you choose saying A instead because you’re not 100% sure of feelingB, and saying A is easier in any way so… That’s complicated wow.

Honestly, I’m not in the position to say that, tho *shrug*.

Aaaaand that’s such a long paragraph wow not cool.

How many times have I said WOW again?

Enjoy Ouji ka Prince Ch8!

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 8

P.s I’m a bit dissappointed with Box. 😦 I love how the sound of box rings in my ears and the blue site too but turned out it’s having a problem right now which is so uncomfy. Moving on to Google Drive, here we go!

2 Responses to “11/11 + 8 = Ouji ka Prince!”
  1. blurozen says:

    Thank you very much for the new chapter! 🙂

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