Happy Thanksgiving Day! And… (ADHADK Ch6)

In case anyone wondering the continuity of the title, then…

Happy Thanksgiving Day! And… Hope You’re Forgiving Enough, This Time Too.

I’M SO SORRY!!!! We’re so sorry for being away (as ever) again..! I’m at fault this time (when aren’t I???). But honest, I’ve never expected even once that my schedule would be so packed in November. I mean, I thought it was about holiday this and holiday that but sod off. Ugh, I hate the unexpected stuffs.

Not really.

Now then! You might want to have an additional companion, sadly not me, but here we have a new chapter of Awfully Damn Hug Awfully Damn Kiss! Have a lovely day with your friends and family + ADHADK Ch6!!!

Awfully Damn Hug Awfully Damn Kiss Ch. 6

This will be the last ADHADK chapter from us. Thank you so much for sticking with HP Scans. Hope you have a pleasant day for your Thanksgiving/Thursday and please support the artist by buying the original manhwa. ❤

……..Um, was I being too straightforward? Haha, anyway- yes, sadly, we don’t have the RAWs of Vol2/3/4. We’d very much like to buy them but under certain circumstances, I have no access to the books and hardly find the right place to buy the books. BUT, if you’re interested in providing us the RAWs, then even if that means I have to stay up late every week to finish each chapter faster than before- we totally will work on ADHADK again!

But, do/can you still believe in my words even after all of my nonsense? *cries* Hopefully, we can see the end of Young Un’s story, in any way. </3

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Jay (Translator, YAY JAY!!!!!!), Ai-chan (Clean, WELCOME TO HUFFLY PARFAIT, AI-CHAN!!!), Mortibusmanum (Redraw and Typeset. Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans, Morti!!! Hope you have a great time with us!!!), and Xanai (Proofread).

We’ll miss you, for sure.

8 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving Day! And… (ADHADK Ch6)”
  1. Tia says:

    Yay!! New release! I’ve been waiting for so long for this Manhwa!! Thanks guys!! Great job!

  2. Love-manhwa says:

    Hello, it’s Love-manhwa. thanks a lot for this chapter ^^ .actualy I have the raws of ch 8-9-10 Only ,for the time being. But I can’t send them to you right now cause I don’t have my computer

    • HuffleP says:

      Aw!!!!!! Gosh, such an honor to talk to you! Thank you so much for your RAWs, and aww- that would be so nice! Ch8-10 for the time being sounds good 🙂

      We’ll wait for you, of course! Feel free to drop us an email anytime ❤ Thank you so much, again!

  3. domi1975 says:

    thank you thank you:)

  4. wafa says:

    Did you by chance get the raws?

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