IDK Anymore LOL I’m So Done (KnA Ch16)


ok so


Im just so done idk yui-san im so proud of you my little baby chick pat pat.

A little bit of Kusanagi Yui appreciation pic:


To begin with, forgive me for starting this post with an… undetected, alien word, but it’s just the way for me to show HOW excited and scared I am at the same time. We are so gonna release the next chapter with tears rolling down my cheecks (what is it im implying again), that’s for sure. You’ve done great enough, Yui. Good for you.

Oh, and- A BIG HUG FOR ZEUS TOOOO. In this chapter, you’ll learn a little bit of the Miniature Garden’s history. Not much, just some small details, really, small enough to quietly enter your every pores and hurt you slowly yet surely.



Fight there, Yui. You can do it, Yui. You’re my best protagonist ever, Yui. Even Chizuru doesn’t stand a chance compared to you, Yui.

And when I say, Yui, I mean Kusanagi Yui. (*꒦ິu꒦ີ)

Reverse Harem fans will get this yes pls say yes

Thank you so much for NobutaP-san (RAWs!), MadHatter (our lovely translator <3<3<3), ForEternity (our cheerful proofreader), Smilefacedtree (our lively cleaner), and MarShin & Mortibusmanum (COOL COMBO!!! <3). Many people worked hard for this chapter. Still, sorry for the late release tho! But thank you so much, everyone!

Talking about Mortibusmanum, I hope it’s alright to tell the readers about this. The thing is- when Morti did the typesetting part… he did it from the left side to the right side.

…and then i just laughed when he told me about that.

No actually it took me 16 hours to understand what he meant.

Oh great zeus sorry morti but really, after I worked on ADHADK, I forgot the way to read manga. “How do I read this again??!??” I tried reading from the right side but then “hey maybe it starts from the left side” what is wrong with my brain somebody please help. So I totally can relate to him<///3

Kamigami no Asobi Ch. 16

Happy December, world!

P.s Chizuru is my 2nd fav fem-protag jfyi. . .


2 Responses to “IDK Anymore LOL I’m So Done (KnA Ch16)”
  1. Kotori-sama says:

    About how many more chapters of KnA are there?

    • HuffleP says:

      One chapter left. There are 17 chapters for the main story + some special short-chapters (which we’re not sure if we’re gonna release them).

      im not sure if you want to know this but the next chapter will totally break my heart.

      Im sorry i just have to say that.

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