Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago

Hello, everyone!

How are you? We hope you have a pleasant day!

Have you read the latest chapter of JKJK? If you have, perhaps you noticed we were saying that we’d drop the series after Ch. 6, yes? Well the thing is…

The series will remain be continued!

A certain someone contacted us that they’re willing to provide us the RAWs and lend us a hand in working the project. I assure you, you are so blessed, Quinn-san!!!

But why, of course- with this, we’re recruiting for Korean Translator, Experienced-Proofreader, and Cleaner!!! Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in working with us! ❤

Have a good day,

2 Responses to “Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago”
  1. chunchun says:

    omg.. I’ve been waiting!!

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