D-Three = Two-Releases

Greetings, everyone!

WHOOHOOO so happy to be back in the Countdown-Xmas event again! In case anyone wondering why I said; “again”, that’s because last year, Huffly Parfait also made a similar event. The only difference is that we started the event D-5 Xmas. …Don’t blame me, it’s holiday already now but my days are still packed… (gross sobbing)

So in order to make up for our late countdown, how about TWO releases at a time?!?!?!?!??!?!? Ha ha

I think you guys are surprised. Bloody surprised. Well I am surprised how can you guys not???


So the thing is… yes, it’s Eniro Chapter 8. Eniro Cinderella by Fuyumori Yukiko, and yes- one of a popular scanlation team offered us, Huffly Parfait, a joint. And then i was like- *gasp* Transient Mirage Scans!

Thank you so much for Syaraf & Lady Nyx (TM Scans) and Theusagimitchell (HP Scans) for your hard work!!! GOSH IT’S SO AWKWARD TO INCLUDE MY NAME IN THE POST BECAUSE WELL ITS ME AND NOW YOU KNOW HOW BAD MY EDITING SKILLS ARE (well they’re probably covered because Lady Nyx has QC-ed the chapter). Certainly, thank you so much to Transient Mirage Scans for giving us the chance to work on this lovely manga and to work along with you, totally pleased to have this oppurtunity! I hope it’s going to go well between us. ❤

So this time… I didn’t have the chance to make a new recruitment page. Well I never plan to include a recruitment page in Eniro release but hey you can see our old credit page from Ouji ka Prince in Eniro Ch8, yes? Why not.

I don’t have much to say, gah but- Eniro is a good manga.

Eniro Cinderella Ch. 8

And the second release is~~~ Ouji ka Prince Chapter 10! Whoohoo!!! I LIKE CHAPTER 10! So many cool quotes, I say. Might even consider one of them as #QuoteOfTheDay or #QuoteOfTheWeek. Oh, remember the time when I said; “Tsunagu is Takahito’s fans”? Think I’ll have to change my mind now… I’m not sure if you’ll like what I’m going to say but i’M ON TAKAHITO’S SIDE AND NOBODYS GONNA CONVINCE ME THE OTHER WAY AROUND. Don’t get me wrong, Haru is a lovely man.

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Jay (Translator), and Xanai (Proofreader. XANAI!!! Can I call you An-chan here instead? AN-CHAN! Glad to meet you in this chapter again! Your work has improved, I assure you, that’s a good progress <3) for your hard work!

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 10

Have a pleasant day!

 P.s Does this release/announcement make us a 15-18+ scanlation starting from now on…? Nah, nothing much will change.

4 Responses to “D-Three = Two-Releases”
  1. miya says:

    how many chapters have Ouji ka Prince?

  2. blurozen says:

    Thank you so much for the new Ouji ka Prince chapter! 🙂

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