D-One = One-More

What am I looking at??? I wonder???

FYI I can’t wait for New Year becau- oh, I’m eager for Xmas too, but there’s something I’d like to watch on NYD and I jUST CAN’T WAIT.

Eniro Cinderella Vol. 2 Extra

Big thanks to Syrafay & Lady Nyx (TM Scans) and Theusagimitchell (HP Scans) for your hard work! ❤

I like Haru.

When I say, Haru, I mean Haru from Eniro, not… Haru, you know, that one Haru. Haru is a lovely man, oh I mean this time, Haru from Oupuri, but since Oupuri is all about triangle love- I can only choose one guy and I’d like to be on Taka’s side instead ❤ So yeah, but here- Haru is just- NICE. He’s mature too, gosh I like Haru from Eniro.

Have a great holiday! Another release will follow in a few hours ~

2 Responses to “D-One = One-More”
  1. Remy says:

    Thanks for linking Eniro! Transient seems to make you jump through hoops and a time machine to get releases.

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