D-Day! Merry Christmas!!!!

Woo-hoo! Hello! Hello!

Oh, gosh! Finally! This is the day! The day we’ve been waiting for! Merry Christmas, guys!

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Jay (Translation), ForEternity (Proofreading), Aini (Cleaning), and MarShin (Typesetting), thank you so much! Especially for Tiff (ForEternity) who was able to take my urgent ask to proofread the chapter and MarShin who typesetted the chapter very fast. ❤

No pic this year, sorry. But this time- we have two releases for you! One of them, in which this post is about that certain series-

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 12!!!

For those who care to take a single glance at our credit page will know that I made a new… change. Not a good one, looks more crowded and cramped, even (laugh), but what can I do?! I can only make it like that </3 Oh, it’s only for today’s event, though.

Alrighty… so, let’s talk about chapter 12. Twenty-four pages, as usual, however- this time, Udon doesn’t make an appearance. Which I consider as a sad thing because sometimes she can be such a mood booster. Second, I would LOVE to see Haru with a short haircut (teehee)… …Not good? A bit not good of me, oh….. And next is———–! TAKAHITO WHERE ARE YOU GOOOOOOING??!?!!?!??!

I suggest you read the newest chapter in order to understand what I’ve been saying all along. ❤

Have a great great great holiday! +Enjoy your 25th, everyone!

P.s About the second release… I can’t promise you all to make it within 12 hours, but I’ll try. I totally will. The next release will be so important to me, so maybe you’re going to see a hella lot of long paragraphs, which I hope it’s fine for you. Kamigami no Asobi Ch. 17, last chapter will be coming next!

P.P.S I received a question regarding JKJK, whether Huffly Parfait is going to continue the series or not. The answer is, yes. You can see the announcement here. May I ask you all a question in return? How about joining our Parfait Team so we can release the chapters ASAP???????? It’ll help you to read them faster too ❤ CMON NOW DON’T BE SHY CC;


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