(2/2) As I’ve said, This is a Shoujo Manga

Hello everyone!

Meet me again, Huffle the-… the huffly one. Yeah. Anyhow! We’re back to Ouji ka Prince! New chapter! Yay! Celebrating the unique date- that is 2/2, Ouji ka Prince Ch14 is here for you!!!!

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 14

So maybe it’s just me who’s being forgetful (like, maybe they’ve explained about this on the previous chapter) but it surprised me to know Udon rides a bike to school? With the almighty aura around her, I surely thought she’s the type to ride a car to school. I mean, can you imagine Udon riding a bike? …I CANNOT SOMEBODY HELP MY IMAGINATION. I like this chapter! Not much, though. Seeing Tsunagu and Takehito bickering to each other just makes me go like; “Awwww, look at that couple loOK AT THAT MARRIED COUPLE.” I’m. sorry. I’m so. sorry.

Was that spoiler to you? Did I open my mouth too much? …Actually, did I write too much? My apologies! Go go read the newest chapter to see their next move after seeing Takahito leaves!

And whoever you are, who likes to upload our releases to reading-sites, can you please not place our credit page (which is supposed to be on the first) to be the last page? Like, can you not, dummy. My mood is unstable right now. If you don’t feel like agreeing to Huffly Parfait’s decision to place the CP first (just like my friend who once said- “BUT WE’RE NOT THERE TO READ YOUR CREDIT PAGE NOR TO KNOW WHO WORKED ON THE CHAPTER” which sent me gasping like “DID YOU REALLY SAY THAT IN FRONT OF MY FACE” wow it was ages ago but i’m still mad) then don’t bother to argue with me because that’s your fault for reading our releases.

Bro my mood is so messed up. And I always blame MF and MH for that, poor them. 😦


Talking about MH, have you seen this yet?


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

A friend of mine sent me the pic/screenshot around… a week after new year? I forgot. I never open facebook, ‘barely’ might be more accurate (that explains why a cheery boom-bam scanlation like us doesn’t have a FB page, does that?). At first, I thought- “Oh so MH likes to… um, what? shares recruitment page??” but when I saw the comments (which was SS-ed by my friend too, sorry commentators!),

oh.. so.. hahA
hahAAHHAHAHHAAHAHAHA did they r e a l l y do that?!?!?!?”

Now I like MH a little bit more than ever. 😉 But seriously, we need Korean Translator to join us! ❤ Anyone?? </3</3</3

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Jay (Translation), Crabis (Proofreading and Typesetting, I love the SWERVES part by the way!), and Aini (Cleaning) for your hard work! ❤

…LOL. I laughed so hard when I saw the (above) screenshot.

Stay tuned for our next release!

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