Surprise! JKJK Ch7 is Here!

….or probably not a surprise.

Greetings, everyone!

FII~NA~LLY~ CHAPTER 7 IS HEEREEE! Just like how you’ve been waiting for this chapter, I, too, have desperately been waiting for this chapter to be released!

We couldn’t thank Love-Manhwa enough for being a life-saver (RAWs), Jay– a heroic person you are!!!! (translation), and Aini– I always believe I can count on you dear (cleaning). Thank you so much everyone!!!

Without further ado, here goes
JKJK Chapter 7

I don’t know whether it’s a miracle or fate or- seriously, the day before we received an email from Love-Manhwa (about the RAWs)… the thing is… I had planned to drop the series. I mean, to drop JKJK, like totally. If it’s not because of Love-Manhwa, you might have seen our official announcement that we’re dropping the series. I wish I was exaggerating but no- it’s exactly what I thought D-1 we received the email.

We lost contact with the person who said they’d provide the RAWs and we waited for a month until we could (finally) be sure that we totally lost contact with them- so… yeah. Jay is as fast as usual!!! Σ(*ノ´>ω<。`)ノ but I had to make Aini clean the RAWs for only 1-2 day(s) long because the original-assigned-cleaner turned out they hadn’t finished the work after 2 weeks.

So the point is… We’re sorry for the long wait! We have reasons for that, and explaining the situation here might give you an idea of the struggle.

(We’ve received many messages regarding JKJK’s progress, that’s why)

OK I’M SURE IT’S NOT JUST ME BUT I think… we need to appreciate Chi-sung (Dong-bu middle high’s no. 2) more starting from this chapter.

Have a great day!

4 Responses to “Surprise! JKJK Ch7 is Here!”
  1. Thanks for the chapter! I was waiting for that so long!! How much willbe until next chapter if u have an idea? Thanks for translating one of my favourites manhwa by far 😀

  2. Shimo Munir says:

    I’ve been waiting for JKJK for so long! ! I even favorited it in my list and kept checking for any progress!! Thank you so much…
    Btw is there going to be a monthly release?? (Hopefully there would be a weekly release)

    • HuffleP says:

      ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ☆彡 Twice a month is what we’re aiming for at the very least. We wanna make it a weekly release too but… (´-`).。oO (it’s possible though)

      Please look forward to the next update!

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