Last Chapter of the Memorial Ceremony Arc?

Happy holiday, everyone!

On this special day, Ouji ka Prince Ch17 is finally out! I haven’t seen the next chapter yet, but I expect this to be the last chapter of the Memorial Ceremony Arc? I swear this is an arc iF NOT THEN I WILL-

Starting on this chapter, we will be (continuously) using the Jp RAWs of Ouji ka Prince from—————-



Thank you so much for your kindness for sharing your RAWs to us! The advantage of using the JP RAWs is that—– I can… finally… read… the literal meaning… and… can help… with the translation… *sobs* THANK YOU!

On this chapter though, page 1 is from Love-Manhwa ❤ 🙂 With this, I’d love to give our endless gratitude to Love-Manhwa for sharing their RAWs… Thank you so much! They’re so precious and… GAH– YOU’RE PRECIOUS TOO, LOVE-MANHWA!!! (a- are you reading this…? I’m embarassed but really, you are!)

Big thanks to Junna & Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Jay (our angelic translator *virtual kiss*), ForEternity (cutie pie proofreader), and Smileyfacedtree (what a funny cleaner you are <3). Thank you for your hard work!

Ouji ka Prince 17

Coming next is JKJK Ch8!

Below is my personal-rants about Ch17. 100% fine if you don’t read it 😉

  • expect faster releases from now on because i kinda have promised Junna to release the series faster!!
  • but faster releases means the faster this series is going to end arE YOU READY BECAUSE IM NOT.
  • IM NOT READY FOR THE ED AND IM LIKE already asked the core staffs to tell them their last-message for Ouji ka Prince series.
  • in which you can find later on the very last page of Oupuri releases.
  • Haru. eez. bee.a.uty.full.???
  • sob in the corner somebody needs to make a fanart, theme: princes with long hair in their 10+
  • pg. 5 i yelPED LIKE A HORSE SEND HELP basically i’m tsunagu
  • pg. 5 tsunagu-yelping-like-a-horse version i mean.
  • i’m Your Majesty fans bcs he seems nice
  • a nice ol’ man
  • pg.14 ??????? Taka???? what did you do to the original dance ???? you cant do that.
  • pg. 18 i yelped like a horse again what is wrong wi-
  • Pg. 19-20 I’m conflicted between changing the “at” to “to” so-
  • pg. 23 *tsunagu says that* why??? do??? I ??? get the impression??? that?? the princes??? be like???? “What is she talking?????about??????” ??????? you?? cant ?? do that!?!?
  • Expect to see Haru more
  • *sobs*
  • I;M JUST NOT GOOD WITH TRIANGLE LOVE OK imma out from triangle love story k
  • still taka’s fans though.
  • I used the “Arc” word because maybe i read gintama too much.
  • Why are shoujo mangas so pure?

One Response to “Last Chapter of the Memorial Ceremony Arc?”
  1. blurozen says:

    Thank you very much for the new chapter!!! 🙂

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