Hong-Chan-Gyu is at It Again (JKJK Ch8)

We’re back again with JKJK Ch8! I say JKJK here but the .RAR file and post tag say ADHADK, please don’t mind it at all.

As usual, big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs), Jay (Translator), ForEternity (Proofreader), and Smileyfacedtree (Cleaner)!!!

JKJK Ch. 8

Personal rants start now:

    you can see from the featured-image that it doesn’t look fun at all.
  • i’m pissed with Yeon-ho’s class because *growls* the people in the class should annihilate the bad ones instead. ok which one is the bad guy.
  • ok its not that easy probably
  • chi sUNG IS SERIOUSLY MY TYPE BUT HE’s a ドS i say bye
  • seriously though he looks smart.
    smart enough not to hurt people where the wound would show up.
  • ok so, I heard students in Korea stay in the class until 10-11 pm?
    “Evening self-study” where the homeroom teacher supervises the students until it’s over…?
  • pg. 7 Ugh. The homeroom teacher.
    Will you really say something like that to your student, in front of the class, without even trying to know/understand your student’s condition? Alright. I’m not sure about anyone else but that’s bad. Wait. I really think it is.
  • pg. 10-11 …..i really have nothing to say except rest in piece my broken heart.
  • pg. 30 oooooo….. how i love classic shoujo scene. 🙂 where did the last time i see a similar scene like that…? Yomogi?
    Classic scene such as eating-bread while shouting “Ah!! I’m late on my first day of school!!” or a transfer student who bumps into someone on their way to school that turns out that person is in the same class as them are surely my favs. They make me laugh.
  • I’m so used to plot-twist that I’m starting to miss classic stories again…
  • pg. 35 Lottemania? A pun for the popular Lotte company in Korea?
  • pg. 36 THIIIIIS PPPAAAAAAGE i am!! seriously!!! tired!!! with chan-gyu!!!!!! coULD YOU PLS STOP. and their real story hasn’t even been revealed yet. )-: they haven’t even tried to settle things yet )-: and i’m already-
  • I!!!! AM!!! CURIOUS!!!
  • also, this series uses cursing-words so much that i think i need to take a break from using cursing-words.
  • did i say shoujo manga was pure.

4 Responses to “Hong-Chan-Gyu is at It Again (JKJK Ch8)”
  1. Thanks for the chapter! we really appreciate your hard work! Just 1 question, how many raw chapters do you have? Thanks! 🙂

    • HuffleP says:

      ❤ We're provided until ch17 (it's the latest chapter in Korea). Vol5 will be released around May/June. Jfyi they've been translated so operation is a go. (-:

  2. Faeeqa Mannan says:

    Thank you soooooo much for the updates. I am obsessed with this manhwa right now, really appreciate the new chapter! 🙂

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