We didn’t make it on 4/4 and it’s not cool.

Hello, everyone!

Let’s have a little bit of math:

23-18 = 9-4 = Five chapters left till the finale!!!!

Thank you so much for Junna (RAWs), Jay (Translator), ForEternity (Proofreader, I’m sorry to make you finish the PR in a hurry > <), and Smileyfacedtree (Cleaner, DEAR- so sorry to make you clean the chapter twice ;___; i’m so grateful to you!! )

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 18

Enjoy the release!!!

I have many things to say but these three things are important:

  • diD THE EMPEROR REALLY CALL THEm immature?!?!?!?!
  • The Emperor smiles so bright like the sun in the morning, calm and gentle. I wonder how Taka&Haru’s mom looks like? Clearly Takahito takes after his mom, ja?
  • ……Haru. No. Haru. No you don.t. Noooo haru
    • haru nope.
    • noooo you dont.
    • okay the attempt fails.
    • MMM well
    • w
    • e
    • l
    • l




4 Responses to “Haaaruuuhiii??!!?”
  1. lisauchiha says:

    Thank you so much ,we love you😍

  2. blurozen says:

    Thank you so much for the new release! 🙂

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