In Between (JKJK Ch9)

We’re back with JKJK Ch9!

For those who’s eager to know what exactly happens next to Yeon-Ho, here’s a clue: IT’S SO DARK SEND HELP I REPEAT SEND!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa (RAWs!), Jay (Translation!!), ackermanx (Proofreading!!!), Aini (Cleaning!!!!), and vermillionskies (Typesetting!!!!!)

Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans, ackermanx and vermillionskies!!!!!!!!! Whoooohoooooo

We’re so happy to get a new editor (vermillion) and proofreader (ackerman)…! So far, they did great job on their work!

JKJK Ch. 9

Enjoy the release!

  • I resized the pages to 750px, do you think the quality decrease? (usually, it’s 650px) Please tell us if you prefer 650px quality instead!
  • Who is this glasses guy he keeps appearing yet I have no knowledge of his name. (-: Ms. Author if you may then please give him more chance-
  • glasses guy!! yes! glasses guy!!
  • Maaaan, this chapter is so dark. That’s what I can tell you without giving much spoiler. The title of this post, In Between, conveys my feelings for Chan-Gyu and Yeon-Ho’s condition. I feel bad for them but for some reasons, they are bad people. …..but they are good… too.. i think. so.
  • I wanna help Areum. Protect at all cost. ))))-:
  • Last thing is, I just want to say; If you’re not ready to accept the consequences of your own action, and instead blame it to others- I recommend you to just do nothing at all. (-:
If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you’re allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”  – Shannon L. Alder

That, but I’m actually kind of vengeful too so even if it’s just a bit, i think i can relate to Chan-Gyu’s condition.


6 Responses to “In Between (JKJK Ch9)”
  1. aliehS Lawliet says:

    i thought that there would be no release….
    YUU DAA BESTT >3w<
    i can do nothing (i really am useless because i cant speak korean nor japanese or do editing) but support you all with my lovee💕💕💕

    • HuffleP says:

      !!!! o((*^▽^*))o Your love has been conveyed properly, dear. We’re so glad you’re excited for this manhwa 💕 your support alone is already wonderful!!! ❤️ Please look forward to the next update(s)!

  2. Love you guys says:

    THANK YOUUU for everythingg. It´s soooo wonderful what you do!!!! You are amazingggg!!!, I LOVE this manhwa, please keep this awesome work!!!. Hope you are doing well, and thank youuu again ❤ btw, when do you think the next chapters will be released??

    • HuffleP says:

      WHAA!!! Σ(・□・;)Why are you guys so lovely?! I feel like crying when I read the comments 😭💕 Thank you for the kind words!

      The next update will be released around late-April. Chapter 10 has more pages than ever (to the point that I’m surprised!) we’ll release a teaser on our tumblr first to make up for the late update. (-:

      Edit: We’re really sorry for not being able to release it on April 😢 hopefully it’ll be released around this week!

  3. Kanra says:

    Oh yeeeeeeeeeeesssss!!!!!!
    Thank you guys so much for this new chapter 🙂
    I really appreciate your hard work. You guys are awesome ❤️

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