Not Fair! (Oupuri Ch19)

Hello, readers!

Today, we have Ouji ka Prince Ch. 19 for you! …I’m starting to get dizzy after staring at computer screen for too long. o-o But everyone’s working hard here, so ou ou! Shall we bring more releases for you soon!

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 19

Big thanks to Junna (RAWs), Jay (Translator), ForEternity (Proofreader), Aini (Cleaner), and vermillionskies (Typesetter)! Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!

(vermillion’s second release, yes? (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧)

Enjoy the release!

  • Noooooooot fair!!!!!! It’s not fair for Haru! Haru deserves more #Haruprotectionsquad2k16
  • Protect these smol children i’m too attached with them please be together forever.
  • Talking about smol I can’t believe we got to use this word for our translation… I love it when the JP slang word can be translated into an Eng-slang word too.
  • pg. 20 So the smol word comes from “こんまん” (konman). I had no idea what it meant at first but then I thought it’s from “細かい” (komakai) which can also mean small. But because of Udon’s accent, she says it as “こんまん”. Jfyi in the JP version there’s even a note on the left side of the page–> [こんまん=小さい]
  • Udon’s precious past. :-))
  • pg. 23 Literally Tsunagu says They’re too good. (with  ), but this one works too so.
  • …………………………pg.24 who. is. this. guy. a passerby wasn’t supposed to have a face. whO IS THAt gUY!!!!!!
  • Five theories: (1) He’s someone who’ll spread a rumor that Prince (Haru) is a Crown Prince. (2) He’s someone who will end up with Tsunagu ( :-)) what is this do you think this is AZ?!!!!) and his name is Haruhito. (3) He’s someone who will end up with Tsunagu and his name is not Haruhito. (4) His name is Haruhito. (5) He’s, you know, the fourth person. …Um, no, the fifth theory is not possible.
  • But my imagination is so wild and very unreal so don’t trust me.
  • Please don’t let this (triangle love) story end like PT i beG OF YOu plS.
  • Oh, the sixth theory: he’s Taka-Haru’s step bro!!!
  • ^ if it was true then I believe Ouji ka Prince Season 2 would be possible.
  • I failed to mention this earlier, but Tsunagu calling the crown princes; one with -sama and another with -chan never fails to amuse me.

Just changed tumblr’s icon, usually Taka-sama is more handsome but this one is ok too.

2 Responses to “Not Fair! (Oupuri Ch19)”
  1. blurozen says:

    Thank you so much for releasing a new chapter so fast! you’re great! 🙂

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