Oupuri Ch20 & Kinda an Important Ann

It’s starting… yes. The last arc begins.

Hello, everyone!

Today we have Ouji ka Prince Ch. 20! Big thanks to Junna (RAWs), Jay (Translation), ackermanx (Proofreading), and vermillionskies (Editing)! Thank you so much for everybody’s hard work!!!!

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 20

An important announcement:
(From here on will use subject “I” due to personal (Huffle’s) matter)

          Due to my busy and strict schedule irl, I can’t promise you to bring fast releases. It’s usually two chapters/series each month, but it’s possible for me to release less. This will continue until July. The activities that I’m doing right now will affect Huffly Parfait Scans, so if I fail to do things properly irl- I’m going to shut this scanlation down and… i don’t know, cry. Well that’s the worst case.

          Of course we’re still continuing JKJK until Ch17 and Oupuri until Ch23. (-:

          …just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

          I believe it’s 100% not fair for me to talk about personal matters here and I really am sorry but please- wish me luck. (bows) (bows deep) orz

Hope to see you soon!

6 Responses to “Oupuri Ch20 & Kinda an Important Ann”
  1. Kira says:

    Hi there! I just want to say that I am very thankful for your releases! XD Please don’t shut down! Don’t pressure yourself! You’re already doing a good job and slower releases doesn’t mean otherwise 🙂 I think I can be satisfied as long as you continue to scanlate rather than nothing at all. Good luck with everything!

  2. Koma chan says:

    Awww … Please finish it if you can make it . Thank you for all your work .Good luck with your private life

  3. lisauchiha says:

    Thank you so much 😊

  4. aliehS Lawliet says:

    HI 😙😙
    Youve done SOOO MUCH for us 😀, we cant push you to bring fast releases 😁 we can wait 😸😸😸
    so i really hope you can focus on your schedule. Dont forget to take care of your health! 💕💕💕
    im really sure that doing real-life activities and doing manga and manhwa projects like this arent easy things to do, so take your time as much as you want 😊
    THANK YOU SO MUUCH for every chapter that youve done 😻 i really appreciate them!
    Good luck! 💖

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