5 + 5 = JKJK 10!!!


5/5 is here!!! And so is JKJK Ch10!

Big thanks to Love-Manhwa and Miyurin (RAWs!), Jay (Translation!), Aini (Cleaning), and vermillionskies (Typesetting). Thank you so much for your hard work!!! ✧*.◟(ˊᗨˋ)◞.*✧ᗯ੨~ɪ̊♪ْ˖⋆ no really, tHANK YOU GUYS!!!!

Chapter 10 marks the beginning of vol3. Many things are gonna happen in this volume, so be prepared! Also, thanks to Miyurin- we got to see vol3’s cover page! Thank you so much for your kindness for sharing your RAWs with us! And-

For every RAWs that you’ve provided to us, Scanlators, thank you!!!

Starting from Ch. 11, we’ll be continuously using the RAWs from Miyurin! Thank you for trusting the RAWs to us!

Actually… I was planning to make Ch10 t0 be 40ish pgs, but since there’s a “to be continued” sign, I thought- “Oh so ch10 officially ends here.” If I were to make it 40+ pgs, then I would make Ch11 to be ch10 which would make it (the ch order) a mess……… So- I’m sorry!!!


JKJK Ch. 10

ok I’m not sure how I should describe my notes, so tl;dr it is.

  • ffffiiiinaallllyyy i gggooot ttttto qc this chapter!!! Alright, remember the last time when I said I’d be busy until July? The thing is, i didn’t expect my schedule to be this packed ; A ; but thank goodness I can slack off today! (nope, i won’t even try to strike the slack-off words because i really am slacking off rn and gosh have mercy on me).
  • We’re entering the 3rd volume! Thanks to Miyurin we got to see the cover page in HQ! …in which left me wondering is this a T-rated manhwa because the cover pg is….
  • actually isn’t it obvious because the… the… language that this manhwa uses… mmmm yeah i’m starting to see the light.
  • [HUGE SPOILER] pg. 14-15 whAT eez gOINg oN. am i the only one who thinks “ah. domestic violence?” but isn’t Yeon-ho’s dad such an angel so i…. uh. I can’t deny nor confirm that. Wait no. I can not believe it if there’s really a domestic violence going on here.[/HUGE SPOILER]
  • pg. 16 is so tricky!!!!!!!!!! I really am sorry if the proofread-translation doesn’t match the original dialogue, but-!!
    • Dialogue 1: The literal translation is “No matter how many times I turn back the time, I don’t…” BUT IT’S NOT LIKE HE’S A TIME-TRAVELER, THOUGH???? SO IM LIKE ??????? IS THIS SCI-FI. but he’s not a time traveler… right? So I changed it to (insert the current translation which you can find on pg16).
    • Dialogue 3: “Then everyone would be happy.” i feel guilty for changing this one but to make it fit into the overall dialogues i had to change it ;;;
    • Dialogue 4: Just to make sure, he means things like- “He can no longer experience happy moments” “It’s only bad after bad things that ever happen to Yeon-ho” so…
  • pg. 18 !!!! Remember on ch8 when the girl asks him to meet up in front of Lottemania? Turned out it’s actually Lottenia!!! A pun for a popular fast-food restaurant in Korea! Sorry! We translated it wrongly on ch8! It really is Lottenia, in which you can confirm it on pg. 20
  • Overall, this chapter is so… sweet and painful. It’s short but the pain can be felt immediately, right?
  • This chapter… reminds me of this quote:
    • Life goes on, with, or without me.
  • Last message: This is the only update in May (even though I love May the most! (not this year, though.. wait, maybe i love this year’s May too. Since it’ll decide my life 100% even after 50+ yrs later… but still im nervous as heck) I’m so pissed!) See you next month!
4 Responses to “5 + 5 = JKJK 10!!!”
  1. Lisa says:

    Wooow it’s finally hereee :)))) thanks a lot for the update! Lots of love and cheer up!

  2. Onith says:

    Wonderful, thank you so much for this chapter !

  3. You are amazing says:

    THANK YOU for this chapter!!! Just want you to know that we all acknowledge your hard work. You have our support!! Thanks again, you are amazing. I hope you do great in all your duties. Keep it up

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