The End of Our Feels-Trip (With!! Ch. 17)

Hello Readers,

Today, our journey with With!! has come to an end. Chapter 17… is the final act of this series. Huffly Parfait presents you–

With!! Ch. 17
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Big thanks to RAW-Hunters (RAWs), MadHatter (Translation), itscakella (Proofreading, a new proofreader she is! Welcome to Huffly Parfait Scans!), and Piko-chan (Cleaning)! Thank you! Without you all, we wouldn’t have been able to finish this series! Much love <3<3<3

Unlike Kamigami no Asobi, this time- there’s no COMMENT page from our staffs. I’d love to ask their comments but since this is a very short project and there are no main staffs (except for Madhatter and me), I decided not to ask for their comments. (´;Д;`). . . .

Thank you for everyone’s hard work!!!

So… about With!!, I wish there were more of Shirou’s scene. Even though he is such a siscon, but I mean- man, that’s not even a weakness or something to be embarassed about. Isn’t that cute? As long as Maa doesn’t have a problem with it, in which she doesn’t- then it’s extremely adorable. Yeah- that, he certainly is my favorite character in this series.

I recommend this title for those who like… tragedy, or in need to read something sad. And something sweet. (HEAVY SIGH) THIS IS SAD AND GOOD let us talk about this after the cut–

Thank you for sticking with us! We hope you had fun reading With!! by Saitou Ken! Also, there’s a special chapter in which won’t be translated by us. Enjoy the special chapter by buying the original manga! ❤

Coming up next, Ouji ka Prince Ch. 21

ch. 17 notes:

  • I remember it was such a funny chapter. Chapter 1, that is.
  • But it turned out to be like this. And i’m. extremely. emotional.
  • pg. 3 The “Have a nice day” is from 「いってきます」 (“I’m going”) and 「いってらしゃい」 (“Take care”)
  • [A little bit about Shirou’s siscon] I’ve been wondering about this, what could possibly be the reason of Shirou’s siscon? They’re not twins and it’s not like both of their parents are busy with work so they have to depend on each others in everyday life. Could it be after “Shriou-Kuga” incident? ??????
  • ty…peset…ting this…. chaPTER WAS A TORTURE…… I was very, 100%, curious as to “what happened next” and chanted my curiosity out loud: “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING” “WHAT’S GOING ON MAA” “I want to know what’s next  (´;д;`)” but since I was the typesetter, I could only know if I continued to typeset the chapter…………’s torturing me ’cause if i got tired, I couldn’t continue reading it… and my back ached just too often.
  • pg. 19 *HEAVY BREATHING* SIGH. I think I got a momentary heart attack. Thank you With!!. whY DO YOU DO THIS TO US. (need to let this out, sorry!)
  • This manga only has 17 chapters, yet so many things happened within such a short time.
  • pg. 23 [HUGE SPOILER] Masago uses 走馬灯 (soumato) which means “Life flashing before your eyes.” I assume in this state she is sure that she’s going to die and so she’s remembering the thing that makes her… happy the most? (hint: being with her brother. that is)
  • *shed thousand of tears* can’t take the feels anymore. (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) ta-daa the development in the last chapter is nice yet crazy i didn’t expect this was going to happen. (surprise!!!!!!)
  • pg. 27 [HUGE SPOILER] SIGH. Another teary-eyed moment again. . .  (꒦ິ⍸꒦ິ) What Kurouma-senpai says is:
    That means, (I really don’t know how to literally put it in English so), Masago must have, always, says “help me” (calling out for help), without anyone realizing it. About how suffering she is after the death of his dearest brother.
    Yet no one is there to save her. No one realizes her suffering. They think she’s okay.
  • I’m not sure if she’s suffering that much from “guilty” feeling, I think it’s more of the “loss” feeling that pressure her so much?
  • By the way is it just me or I can see so many -uma name in this manga.
  • pg. 31 [HUGE SPOILER] Ok, so the fact that Maa is apologizing to Shirou because she’s unable to “follow” him but continue with her life instead- that’s so………. (SFX: heart being squeezed tightly almost crushed into pieces)
  • Final message: Totally would like to see With!! where Maa dies instead of Shirou. Can you imagine how……. sad….. Shirou would be… Considering how he incredibly treasures her. *fatal blow*
  • We wish to see your thoughts about this chapter!!!!!! See you next time!

2 Responses to “The End of Our Feels-Trip (With!! Ch. 17)”
  1. Kitsu says:

    Agree with all your comments and I especially also Totally would like to see With!! where Maa dies instead of Shirou. Can you imagine how……. sad….. Shirou would be… Considering how he incredibly treasures her. *fatal blow*

    I think rather than a manga with comedy if it was Maa who dies it’ll probably turn quite dark…like Maybe Shirou would instead be a rebellious gangster or something idk I mean if it was Maa who died I don’t think Maa would even think about possessing Shirou because she has low self esteem so Shirou would literally probably feel abandoned and stuff *sniff* This could make such a dark sad fanfic X_X

    • HuffleP says:

      Thank you!! I KNOW RIGHT!!! I totally would read it if there was a fanfic about it!!! 😭 Yeah, totally agree with you… As for what would happen to Shirou, for example- the reason he joined student council was so Maa could have a wonderful high school life. Imagine Maa died, Shirou had no reason to be in the student council anymore, right? Something like that… Goodness I really need a fanfic about this.

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