Ouji ka Prince Ch. 21


We’re happy to bring another Ouji ka Prince by Toumori Miyoshi! Chapter 21, hurray!

Big thanks to Junna (RAWs), Jay (translation), ackermanx (proofreading), and Smileyfacedtree (cleaning). Thank you, everyone!

Ouji ka Prince Ch. 21
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We also made an update for Oupuri Ch. 13, I realized there’s a missing page there. So sorry about that!

Updated Ouji ka Prince Ch. 13


We’re calling for help!!!!

  • Typesetter
  • Experienced-Proofreader

Also, I’ll be taking a long leave again. Turns out there are still many important things I have yet to finish irl.

See you soon, hopefully!

  • ~it’s been two months without you, my love~
  • pg. 5 I’m… not sure when they mention about Haru being sick before, I’ve tried re-reading the manga from the beginning  but no such data. But yes, on this page- Tsunagu literally “says” that Haru is sick (「晴ちゃんは病気で」)
  • pg. 12 Okay. Okay the thing is, Jay (using the Korean RAWs) translated Takahito’s line to be: “Do you think I’m going to be pleased even if you say that!”

    But well, when I checked the Japanese RAWs, the line was like this: 「べつに 嬉しくないからなっ…」 There’s this “tsundere” vibe in Takahito’s line. Man, I couldn’t believe it at first I was like “???? SO CUTE SO NOT HIM.” (He’s definitely happy about that isn’t he)

    Personally, I like Jay’s translation more. It has more “dignity” suited for someone like Takahito… but the JP says otherwise… The dignity is more like a tsundere trying to hide something so obvious…….. So that’s it.

  • Pg. 16 Don-chan’s line is actually like this: 「それで物事が動かせるんなら」 literally meaning “If you can move something with that…” I think the move (動かせる) can be interpreted as “to do something about it” so…
  • Talking about re-reading the manga, noW I KNOW WHO THAT MYSTERIOUS GUY FROM CH19 is…… I can’t believe it slipped from my mind. It’s been bugging me ever since his appearance but now I remember where I had seen his uniform! The uniform is from Haru’s previous school (see Ch1), and his name is TOTALLY not Haruhito 💦
2 Responses to “Ouji ka Prince Ch. 21”
  1. lisauchiha says:

    thank you so much for release and I like your way of explanation too .
    I agree with you about THAT mysterious guy 😀 and that Takahito is really tsundere type I love him :3

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