20-8 = JKJK Ch. 12!

The usual pun, the date matches with the chapter so……

Hello, everyone!

Good to see you again! We promised you that we’d be able to be more active starting in August but… bUT-! The condition has gotten worse, in fact. Totally hope everything is gonna be alright but worry not- we’ve finished Ch. 12 and Ch. 13!!! ❤

JKJK Ch. 12

Since the order is:

  1. JKJK Ch. 12
  2. Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch. 4
  3. Ouji ka Prince Ch. 12

meaning that JKJK Ch. 13 has to wait a bit more… Don’t worry, though- Pashnea is doing his best in finishing Yomogi and Oupuri!

Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (translation), Christine Geer (proofreading), and Aini (cleaning)!!!


She’s doing a very good job and a kind person too! Thank you for always being able to keep up with my crazy requests (to finish a chapter within 1-2 days and even several hours…) Hope you enjoy your stay with us!

This chapter is totally worth the wait, enjoy <3~

  • Aint no one tell me Chi-Sung is not a mom.
  • AWWIEE, A REAL DEVELLLLOPMENT between our two beloved-main characters! It’s happening, and it’s happening in vol. 2
  • Can’t believe Yeon-Ho is the straightforward type when it comes to ‘love’ though I think it is good.
  • SOBS. Chi-Sung and Chan-Gyu makes the best combi tho.
  • Pg.22 is absolutely the best.
15 Responses to “20-8 = JKJK Ch. 12!”
  1. Im3p1c says:

    Hi! Thanks for the translation and your hard work! I just have a problem, when I try to acces to your google drive, I am not able to download the file because I haven’t permissions and it seems that you need to validate it or something like that. Cheers! 🙂

  2. sevy says:

    how to read it ?

  3. AiyanaNaisha says:

    Hello ^^,
    Thanks a real lot for the release and all the hard work leading to it !!
    I really like this story.

    By the way, the access to the release file is restricted 😥

  4. purupuru says:

    thanks for always releasing new chapters :3
    but why does this chapter only have 26 pages? the other ones had 40 pages though?:0

    • HuffleP says:

      😀 …well… that’s because…. The chapter officially ended there…? Really, though. Don’t worry, it’s not us who decides the length of the chapter 👌

  5. purupuru says:

    thanks for always releasing new chapters :3 but how come this chapter only has 26 pages?
    the other ones had 40 pages though :0

  6. miyu says:

    ooooosu わーい thanks so much guys, you’ve worked hard!!! Huffle I thought you needed to take care of stuff irl 😮 that’s waay more important ofc u should put your life 1st! Please, take care ok ^^
    oh and vol 7 is out, I sent u the link via GDrive in case u want to take a look ohohoh there’s a sweet scene yooohoo XD XD

    • HuffleP says:

      Miyu!!!!! We’re so sorry for replying so late…!! Thank you so much for your help too!! We’ve received vol7, our sincere gratitude to you ❤ ❤ ❤ ;;;; auuughhh i really wanna update this series asap Dx !!

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