“Eh?” (YMY Ch. 4)

Once you read this chapter you’ll know why this post is titled like that.


Today, we have Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch. 4! It’s been so looooong since we debuted this series…! This chapter is actually my fav bECAUSE KOSHIBA KIRI (from Beauty Pop, made by the same mangaka) SHOWS UP ON THIS CHAPTER SDBSAFNEWCNEI along with her besties.

I surely screamed my loudest the moment I saw Kiri in this chapter.

Big thanks to Love-manhwa (RAWs), Scarletton (translation), Christine Geer (proofreading), and Pashnea19 (typesetting)!!!! They all did this chapter fastly but that’s just because I’ve been a bad quality-checker nowadays……………… aaaAAHH what is weekend? A new type of food? Every day is monday. Monday with assignments.

Enjoy the chapter!

Yomogi Mochi Yaketa Ch. 4

Coming up next is Ouji ka Prince Ch. 22! I’m qc-ing it right nooooowwww!!! Totally hope I can finish it today because for the love of god assignments are everywhere

  • KOSHIBA FRIGGIN KIRI IS HEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEE ahhh i wanna cry. Beauty Pop is a… idk, great manga? an interesting manga??? surely, I’ve never seen another protagonist such as Kiri up till this second.
  • The tension is high. Now we know where the story is going. Natsume, gluck gluck!
  • Harisen is popular in this chapter.
  • idk yo thought i had a lot to say but well oh well natsume you can do i and wakky, well… just stay like u r rn
3 Responses to ““Eh?” (YMY Ch. 4)”
  1. Lint says:

    Thanks everyone for their hard work for the release! Glad to see this project hasn’t been dropped ^_^

  2. nimaus says:

    god bless u for finally updating this, i hope more chapters get released soon… i love this manga!

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