Another Sweet Chapter (JKJK Ch13)

Our third release within such a short time!

Now we have JKJk Ch. 13!!! We believe this is the most popular series that we have so… dear readers, a new chapter dedicated for you all, here you go!

JKJK Ch. 13

Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs, we can’t thank you enough! <3), Jay (translation, OUR HERO!!), Christine Geer (proofreading), Aini (cleaning), and Pashnea19 (typesetting).

….wow, I just realized the three chapters we released recently were typeset by Pashnea….. Thank you so much for your hard work!!!!! ❤ Christine also scored 2 chapters this time! Auughh, I’m in debt to you guys m(__)m

This chapter has 40+ pages! Worth the wait, for sure! toTALlY WORTH THE WAIT SO GO GO GO!! READ IT! ❤ Prepare your heart first of all, though!

  •  pg.2 “Is this a phone or a fossil” have i ever told you that i really love Lee Ki Ha’s joke sense omg i choked.
  • pg.4 i told you it’s daddy chan-gyu and mommy chi-sung
  • Honestly speaking, I kinda like Chan-gyu’s homeroom teacher??? Like, he’s strict and wow he can tell that Chan-gyu has been fighting just from looking at his fingers buT THEN THERE’S PG22 i’m starting to dislike him now.
  • More development between Chan-gyu and Gwon!
  • This certainly is one of my fav chap
16 Responses to “Another Sweet Chapter (JKJK Ch13)”
  1. Emaya Kuroda says:

    omgomgomgomg I’m so done, this sweetness is killing me ❤
    Loved this chap so much. I really ship Gwon and Chan-gyu too they’re perf for each other
    God bless you guys for translating these chaps, thank you from the bottom of my heart

  2. hamo says:

    This ch was so sweet, thanks (*^o^*)

  3. AiyanaNaisha says:

    Thank you for the chapter ! It was good.
    But at the same time I fear a little what might happen next…

  4. yeon says:

    Wow a long chapter. Thanks for the release!

  5. THANKS says:

    This was soooooooo good. I loved everything about in this chapter. I have no words to thank you, you are the best!!

  6. pashnea19 says:

    guys? I never heard from you since forever…am I being abandoned here? are we not using skype anymore? after typesetting ouji ka prince, you never respond to my skype messages…what is really going on?

    -Pashnea19 (typesettter)

    • HuffleP says:

      PASHNEAAAAAAAA!!!! I AM SO SORRY REALLY no we’re not abandoning you it’s just me being so stupid with life lately, i mean- life is being harsh on me so that’s why i never open skype ;;;;; IM SO SORRY REALLY but god bless thank you for contacting me!! i’ll be on skype in a minute

  7. pashnea19 says:


  8. Saira Allen says:

    It’s November and there’s still no chapter 14-15?

    • HuffleP says:

      We’re sorry, life has been very hectic right now (+ my laptop is broken and I have to transfer the files to my new laptop SIGH). We’ll make sure to release several chapters of JKJK in December.

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