Happy Holiday! (JKJK Ch. 14)

Happy Holiday, everyone!

Wow!!! Yes!!! It’s us!!! We’re back!!!! surprise!!!

First of all, we’d like to apologize for the long update… If I were you, I’d have thought this scanlation group was dead because hellooooo 3 months yo. But if you happen to be someone who frequently check our tumblr, then you must have known that we’re still alive and it’s just me who -omg i’m sorry- was having a hectic life for the past 6 months.

I wouldn’t blabber much about my life but you ought to know the reasons why we’ve been away for… long enough. First thing first is of course- because of my assignments (I assure you those hectic months and assignments were driving me crazy… stressed, at least), second is- my laptop was broken; not completely unable to be used but it shut down every 15 minutes (used to be every 1 hours but then shorten to 30 min and then 18 min and…), third is- I bought a new one and it took time to transfer the files and got the software needed in the middle of my assignments and exam weeks, fourth is- whenever I had time to rest; it’s just… I wanted to rest completely, not thinking of anything else, so I did not choose to do scanlation works.

Well, there you have it. I have one free month right now, so I think it’s time to make up for the lost time!

Also, I hereby declare how disappointed I am of myself for not doing Xmas-countdown releases. For those who have been with HP Scans for the past few years might have realized how we always did that before, but now………. oh man this is depressing. 2016 is depressing. still sad about Alan Rickman.

Enjoy JKJK Ch. 14!

Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (translation), Christine Geer (proofreading), and Aini (cleaning) for your hard work!!!

  • SO THE THING IS… the Official says that this chapter is actually Ch.15, and really I don’t know where did I go wrong ;;;;
  • This is the last chapter of Vol. 3, thank you Miyurin for providing us the HQ RAWs! ❤
  • pg.4 i swear i haven’t seen a song title which included an emoji (o_o)
  • It!!!! Looks like!!!! We’re gonna see!!! More of!!! Gwon’s Relationship!!!!! OR EVEN ABOUT HER LIFE!
  • Y’ALL PG.19 HAS A VERY INTERESTING HISTORY FOR LEE-KI-HA now i can’t concentrate re-reading pg.19 after i’ve read pg.43 omg
  • pg.26 “Camera Roll”
  • pg.35 it certaiNLY DOES NOT LOOK HOW IT SEEMS

We’re looking for TYPESETTERS!!!

11 Responses to “Happy Holiday! (JKJK Ch. 14)”
  1. Sienna says:


  2. Kukoo says:

    thank you!!

  3. Duhneessh says:

    Something about the p.35 is really bothering me. Even in the past chapter, there’s this hint that suggests Yeon-Ho’s father possible affair with a guy. :(((

    • HuffleP says:

      omggggg i know right!!!! I was SHOCKED the first time I saw p.35 but then p.36 explained it all. W-well, let’s just hope he’s not having any affair at all…

  4. 歐家宜 says:

    It has been a while since I checked JKJK!! Thank you so much for your hard work!! Greetings and have a great year!

  5. Hoshii says:

    OMGGGG THANKSS A LOT! really love this manhwa and you guys are just great, good work and thank you so much~~

  6. FriedDumplings says:

    This is my favorite one at the moment. Thank you so, so, sooooo much for your hard work!!!♡

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