Running In A Circle (JKJK Ch15)

You’ll know why I named this post like that once you read the very last page of this chapter. Now I’m starting to be able to read the pattern of this series tbh.

Alrighty, guys! Today we have JKJK Ch.15 for you!!! Yay!!! (The Official says this is Chapter 16 and in my PC folder this is Chapter 14, you have no idea how confused I am every time I’m referring this chapter to the other staffs *SIGH*). I… I dunno, I think we should start with an apology first because we didn’t keep our promise to release three JKJK chapters in December… and I did say I was going to make amends in January, but I’m already back to campus and hectic schedule starts in a few day I think.

So… I’m sorry. We’re sorry.

Thank goodness we have a ‘new’ Typesetter in team (WELCOME BACK, DIONYSIA!!! Now under AkaiKiseki name), we hope you will enjoy your second stay here, dear!!!

JKJK Ch.15

Heck, this chapter is so long! Probably the longest chap so far? Enjoy!

  • Took ages for me to finish the typesetting part, especially because I had to proofread it at the same time too… I only did two-three re-checkings? Hope I didn’t miss anything.
  • Next time if you want me to release way faster than ever within this short holidays you ought to uninstall The Sims 4 from my laptop (crie in agony) wait no it took awhile to install this game please don’t.
  • pg. 19 How can she be using her phone while on bathtub i’m scared
  • pg. 23 *has a suspicion that “he” is a doctor
  • pg. 25 ?! ????????? I thought “he” was Gwon’s fiancee or the likes buT HE IS WHAT
  • pg. 28 When Jay didn’t translate the bird’s SFXs and you thought bird’s (text) SFX had something to do with
    the bird’s name type but you forgot what kind of bird it was and then you remembered it had something
    to do with Hinata Shoyo’s high school and then you searched for Karasuno kanji and you finaly got
    “Crow” and “Caw” (SFX)
  • pg. 30 I am so done with the redrawing *throws laptop* I’m not sure if you’re aware of the crappy redrawing of mine on this page but they’re crap
  • pg. 38 Surprise~!!! It’s not him gahaha (laugh in agony)
  • pg. 39 When your bf is beaten so badly that you don’t even recognize him anymore
  • pg. 50 Now you know why I named this post like that.

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