Is This Jealousy? Of Him- or Her?! (JKJK Ch.17)

15/5! What a beautiful date it is!

Hello, everyone!

We’re back again with JKJK Ch.17!!! Yes, finally! I know, doodes. I know. I can’t believe it took us this long to release this amazing chapter but man, the past 8 weeks have been… har(sh)d for me so I deeply apologize for the long wait-!

Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs Provider), Jay (Translator), Smileyfacedtree (Cleaner), and AkaiKiseki (Typesetter)!!! As for myself, since I was the one in charge of the proofreading part, I’m so sorry if the translations are still messed up???? Like, I couldn’t really focus so… yeah well, you got the chapter now.

This chapter is totally worth your time, so give it a shot as soon as you see the update, bro!

I will totally try to release another chapter this month, so… see you soon, hopefully.

JKJK Ch.17

10 Responses to “Is This Jealousy? Of Him- or Her?! (JKJK Ch.17)”
  1. Shadayne Clarke-Vassell says:

    Im so happy, my birthday is tomorrow as well… its perfect timing 😊

  2. Siena says:

    Omg wow that was a great chap! Thanks guys ♥
    The ending is making me so awfully damn curious XD
    (Im a Taurean too o v o)

  3. misseu says:


  4. jyjkpop says:

    Hi! Thanx a lot for all the effort to do this project, i’m really happy everytime you update because it’s my favorite manhwa 🙂 …<3

  5. luvwens says:

    Thanks so much for the chapter!! I can’t wait for their sweet moments!!

  6. aliehS Lawliet says:

    FIGHTING!! ♡♡
    I love you guys’s works so faaar and the manhwa is so amaziing.
    BIG thanks for the hardwork >< you guys make my day everytime theres an update 😙

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