Celebrating 500+ Followers on Tumblr! A New Project by Akaneda Yuki!

Good day, everyone!

First of all, we’d like to express our gratitude for the readers who follow us on tumblr and/or wordpress. Thanks to you, we have the confidence to take a new series!

Saraba, Yoki Hi
by Akaneda Yuki

About the author… Akaneda Yuki is widely known as Fumino Yuki. So far she has released two titles; Hidamari ga Kikoeru and Saraba, Yoki Hi. And the truth is…

I’m a huge fan of HgK.

Did you know what was on my first to-buy list when I was going abroad last summer? HgK. It was HgK.

THAT’S WHY! We’re thrilled to work on Saraba, Yoki Hi!!! It’s a Josei manga with the element of Incest. Whoa, that’s 100% a foreign area both for me and Huffly Parfait Scans. The main translator for this series is Jay, so please wish Jay good luck! ❤

Saraba, Yoki Hi Chapter 1 – coming soon.

One Response to “Celebrating 500+ Followers on Tumblr! A New Project by Akaneda Yuki!”
  1. s0che says:

    This is a wonderful series. Thank you!

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