So What Chapter is This? First Snow. Chapter First Snow. (Saraba, Yoki Hi)


Hello everyone!

I’m sorry.

I’m someone you can’t trust. This isn’t even Dec5 in Last Vegas anymore. Saraba, your trust in me!!! *sobs* Anyways! We told you we would release SYH Ch.2 on December 5th, bUT HAHA. I forgot there was actually a bonus chapter between Chapter 1 and Chapter 2! AarrggGHH the more you lost your trust in me…

Here is the bonus chapter that cannot be called 1.5 because it doesn’t take place between chapter 1 and chapter 2 but you know what chapter 2 doesn’t even take place after chapter 1’s setting so i couldn’t really fathom this series honestly!!

First Snow
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You think you’re gonna keep seeing an Adult!Setting from this manga but haha boy how you are wrong. I was wrong too, more like, surprised. Don’t worry, this manga is good.

  • Fun fact: This chapter was edited a few (under 5) hours ago.
  • AKI!CHILD IS SO CUUUUTEEE ARGHHHH BUT BUT BUT OH MY she cares about her brother so much…! I’m touched. ❤ I mean, dUDE SHE’S JUST A KID. But she cooks something for her bro thats so adorable.
  • So warm.
  • Do you think that’s their mom or a caretaker?
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  1. cats says:

    Thank you very much!

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