Hey, everyone!

We created a survey to know about your opinion of Huffly Parfait Scans so far! We’ve never made this before, so we wish with our new attempt, we can improve our scanlation more and listen to your suggestion even better.

Your answer means a lot to us…! We understand that it can be such a hassle to fill in this kind of survey haha, but in case you have 10 minutes of free time, then maybe you can fill in this form!

We’re looking forward to your answer!

4 Responses to “2017 SURVEY”
  1. peek-a-boo says:

    um.. i can’t say much about how your team is bcs i only found this page not too long ago. *sobs* bUT I KNOW THAT YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND FABULOUS UGH YES I LOVE YOU GUYS💜💜
    anyway, happy new year to you all. i hope everything goes well for all of you in 2018. wishing you guys good luck, fighting!!!

  2. lihmao says:

    Well, unfortunately I’m late to answer the survey so I have no idea what was asked, but know that I love you guys!!! High quality work, low delay and WONDERFUL PROJECTS (Jidokhage Kkeureoango Jidokhage Kiseuhago and Saraba, Yoki Hi being my favorites). I wish a wonderful new year for all of you amazing people! Keep up the good work. ❤

  3. Iviless says:

    Hi! what is this wordpress themer? I loved it!

    • HuffleP says:

      This is a very tricky question! I know right, I love it too! It’s been years since we started using this theme, so I’ve forgotten how to check the name of our theme.

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