F I N A L L Y! They meet! (JKJK Ch.41)

Big thanks to Miyurin (RAWs), Jay (translation), Snowy368 (proofreading), Yuu (cleaning), and AkaiKiseki (typesetting)!!!

A very sad news. Jay has retired from the team…

To Jay,
Thank you so much for your help in a couple of years in Huffly Parfait Scans. You’re one of the greatest things ever happened in this team, your help means a lot to us, there’s no way I’d ever get this much strength to revive my team without your help. You were there when I needed a strong hand and you were there to help us without asking anything in return… Thank you for being a part of this team, and I’m happy; we’re happy that you’re going forward in your life now. Best of luck in your career! Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you!



JKJK Ch.41

  • Everything happens for a reason… ;-;
  • By the way! Ch.41 rants! FINALLY. FINALLY YH AND SJ MEET! FINALLY!
  • wig
  • broship moment between CG and YH
  • It’s not fair that YH’s dad always gets best-of-shots (meaning he looks handsome every time and his scenes are always beautiful)
  • whatre u gonna say tho YU
  • A special shot of YU thinking of what to say to YH’s dad :-/ mmMMm
13 Responses to “F I N A L L Y! They meet! (JKJK Ch.41)”
  1. wait, this must be my stupid speculation but what if YH’s father ends up with Seo-Ji……..?

    thank you for the chapter, you guys are the best!!<3<3
    god bless you and your team!!<3<3

    • HuffleP says:

      WAIT Seo-Ji?!
      And here I am thinking YH might end up with the cousin… which is a crazy thought!

      Thank you for the support too, bumblebee oppa!

      • (¯―¯٥) Yeah, it’s crazy how I also get the same vibe, that YH’s gonna end up with his cousin instead. I mean from the very beginning, YH and YU have met each other because of the cousin’s number.

      • HuffleP says:

        H o l y. You’re right. This whole cousin-YH thing is kinda what actually starts the drama. It’s a major stuff.

        To be honest, I’ve been thinking about the possibility of YHxCousin since Chapter 2! But they’re family, so I didn’t put that much thought. 🤔

      • (⊙▽⊙) The same bro. To be honest, I was wondering if they could become a couple and all since there’re cousin. But in the recent chapter, I just found out the aunt was adopted. That fact just made everything possible now.

  2. Krystalove13_ says:

    YH… Later u will regret for ignoring her … Sorry for my bad English …

  3. (눈_눈) YH ignored his girlfriend but answered immediately when another girl called?! Boy… you’re so…

    (๑>◡<๑) By the way, YH's dad though… his hair was down… That made him look even younger! OMG! I'm loving it!

    (▰˘◡˘▰) Yeah, like how can YH's dad look so handsome in every freaking scenes? It's totally unfair for his son though. But i'm not complaining.

  4. Mirurun says:

    duh yeonho, you’ll always be my fave character no matter what and no matter who you’ll end up with😍😘

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