Oh Noona Why are You Liek dAt (Metronome Ch.36)

The last chapter we have, what a cliffhanger…

Wishing to the shooting star that somebody shall give us more RAWs…

We present you,

Chapter 36

Big thanks to keksi (translation) and Snowy368 (proofreading)!!!

5 Responses to “Oh Noona Why are You Liek dAt (Metronome Ch.36)”
  1. K says:

    How do you get more raws? Do you purchase the volume or what? And thank you for the translations! I’ve waited so long for this only to see another cliffhanger noooooo poor Onyu <333

    • HuffleP says:

      The only way I know to get the RAWs is by buying coins on Daun webtoon website. I dunno how to buy them tho 😦 YEAHH I LIKE RED-ONYU ENOUGH IM CURIOUS TOOOO like he has a super power?! And he’s dying?! What’s going on?!

      • K says:

        Well if you know how holla at me cos i’m totally down to pay for the expenses hehe ~~ Yeah that instant transmition thing was confusing like he just suddenly poofed there lmao. The thing about him dying…isn’t it because the future onyu finally met the present onyu? It mentioned in one of the chaps that they shouldn’t meet. But damn hope oresent onyu is okay my heart shattered when he was calling for her but she totally ignored him :”(

      • HuffleP says:

        Yeah that’s the thing, we’re not short of fund but we simply have no idea how to buy the RAWs haha. Thanks, though!

        wWAIT S-sO OnYU…bbBBBblue Onyu a-and ttthe RED ONYU ARE… THEY ARE… WAIT….THE SAME PERSON?!?!!? WHAT.
        WHAT………………?!!!!!!!!!!!! they- onyu… uh… i mean… I was wondering about that too but i never thought that Red Onyu and Blue Onyu were the same person oh no no no wait whoooooaha.

  2. K says:

    Hey! I’m back lol.

    I can’t real korean but is this the site for the raws? It seems to have been completed but I think you have to pay for viewing majority of the chapters.

    AND OMFG maybe I was wrong about blue onyu and red onyu? Like, they were literally fighting each other around the beginning of the story. Idk what to think anymore, I totally thought they were the same person ever since red onyu’s notebook was shown with his name on it. And then about his past! arrrrrajbsakjscdsvknsd idek anymore :”)

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