Re-Released (TT Ch.2)

Had been working on this one since Early-January. Shoujo’s screen tones are killing the editors.

Big thanks to Hanya Shingyo (translations) and WildEagle&Snowy368 (proofreading)! They worked on this chapter in 2014! AkaiKiseki and me worked on the typesetting part back then. But now that Akai just quit the team a few weeks ago, on this re-released version, I handled the TS part by myself.

…Gosh I miss them. I remember Hanya Shingyo was- omg, the best translator you could ever want to work with. If only we were paid, Hanya’s salary must be very high. WildEagle&Snowy, those two were the nicest and friendliest companions. *sobs* Best regards to you all!

TT Ch.2

  • I FINISHED KH3 AND PLANNING TO BE BACK TO HUFFLY PARFAIT BUT- assignments. No, seriously, they’re coming non-stop. Writing this blog post itself is a crime. I shouldn’t have-
  • We’ll try to release a JKJK and SYH chapter this month. Can’t… promise… though…
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  1. cats says:

    Thank you very mcuh!

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