If You Think Maki is Your Fav Guy then Watch It Mas-san is Coming for You (SYH Ch.13)

I miss the old days when homework was just 5+5 or 5*5, and not designing a 5-story building complete with 15 blueprints or making the BoQ of 2-story building complete with the 30+ pages of analysis. Anyways, being here is a crime so here you go, the 13th chapter of Saraba!


Big thanks to Charlotte (RAWs), MadHatter (translations), Snowy368 (proofreading), Nurofen (cleaning), and Zima (typesetting).

This is Nurofen’s last work in Huffly Parfait Scans. Thank you so much for being a wonderful companion, buddy. I’ll never forget you. Good luck on your real life stuffs!

This is Mad and Zima’s first time working on Saraba. You guys did such a woooonnddeeerful job thank you so much!! I really appreciate everyone’s hard work. Thank you.

We’re recruiting for Cleaner! No cleaner in our team guys…

  • I MEAN. MAS-SAN LOOKS LIKE KOUHEI????!!?! (a character from Akaneda-sensei’s other series, Hidamari ga Kikoeru)
  • I think I’m going to fall in love with Mas-san.
  • Ya’ think no one would ever catch your heart again in Saraba but watch it, Mas-san is actually very likeable.
  • In case you forgot, Mas-san already appeared in Ch.1
  • Oh boy, Akira. You’ve done it, Akira.
  • It’s so cool about the “North” (elope) stuff. The author certainly did that on purpose.
  • Since we haven’t got Vol.5 RAWs, we haven’t made any progress yet. But Ch.14 is being typeset now. We surely wish to release it soon, it’s such a great chapter.
  • Another reason why I dared working on Ch.13 now is because I wanted you guys to see this Mas-san character as soon as possible. Sorry it took so long, every day is a busy day, I only get to eat once per day and I don’t even sleep, I fall asleep (and I get mad at myself every time I wake up, why did I fall asleep I shouldn’t have done that I should’ve done my assignments at night). There’s… a big difference. I’m just, sorry for the delay. This will continue until early-June.


2 Responses to “If You Think Maki is Your Fav Guy then Watch It Mas-san is Coming for You (SYH Ch.13)”
  1. Kaiba Daim says:

    Thanks for your hard work as usual!!

  2. cats says:

    Thank you very much!

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